I’m still alive!

It has been whole two months since my last post and for that I sincerely apologise. I don’t have an amazing excuse really except for the fact I’ve just really enjoying being home and free, apart from work and helping with renovating the house of course. Shall I update you on what I’ve been doing? I think I should!

Where to start?

Since writing last I took a short but sweet trip to London to see Dan and catch up with Em which was lovely and well overdue. After having quite a grey couple of weeks to say the least they really lifted my spirits as we caught up with each other. It does help that the weather was glorious and I had a box of 20 chicken nuggets! So my last post was uploaded on the 23rd of May, on the 26th Dan and I went to Greenwich for the day and visited the Martime museum in Greenwich before strolling around Greenwich park in the sun for a couple of hours.

After a lovely, relaxing weekend I returned back to the green, green, wet, rainy, grass of home and mucked in on decorating the house. It’s all fun and games until you find a bees nest chilling above the boiler in your bathroom. It was a source of great hilarity and panic which has now thankfully been resolved! Between working, decorating and spending time with the rascals I call friends excitement brewed as I prepared for my first holiday without my parents and Dan’s first holiday (sorry Dad) EVER! Before now he’d never been on an aeroplane and never left the UK. I know, shocking.

The weekend before we flew off to sunny Costa Brava Dad and I travelled up to London to spend the weekend together. Usually, when Dad visits we walk for hours and hours on end and see all the sights that we’ve already seen about a dozen times and exhaust all of our energy being fully fletched tourists, this time was different. As I am know a Londoner I can see the sights whenever I want really and I’m sure Dad has seen them hundreds of times by now so we took it easy. There were a few things that Dad wanted to do in particular like, visit the O2 and go for lunch at the National Theatre, which we did, and it was lovely. On the day before we jetted off Dan met us at Covent Garden for a lovely breakfast in the little French cafe on the square and I had the best Belgian chocolate waffle I’ve ever tasted!

After parting ways, Dad back to the coach station and me and Dan back to Willesden Green the excitement for our holiday kicked in, as Dan still had a suitcase to pack. *Correction* I still had Dan’s suitcase to pack. After an evening of playing Cards Against Humanity with our friends we settled into bed ready for the exciting week ahead.

Holidays came and went in a flash and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. The hotel was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous and Dan was like a small child the entire time. He spent the entire flight staring at the big bad world below and was genuinely more excited than the children that were sat in front of us. After spending 15 euros on a snorkel and refusing to spend 12 on sun cream the holiday drew to a close and we returned back to the big smoke, me for a night and Dan for two nights, before returning home home.

Since then, he’s visited Wales, I’ve turned 20, Shelley smashed her first triathlon, I’ve been to Felixstowe and I’ve returned to seeing Chris George daily (told you I’d include you). June has been a brilliant month and I’ve got lots of exciting plans for July that I’ll hopefully keep you up to date with. I promise I won’t leave it two months this time! It’s 14 days late but here’s my month and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Speak to you soon,

Lols xx


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