And we’re out of here!

Submissions are all handed in, presentations done and dusted and the sun has come out (although momentarily) to kick off what’s sure to be a brilliant five and a half months of summer. Not only that but it’s got off to a flying start already. I returned to the green, green grass of home for the two weeks of the Easter holidays to relax and spend some well overdue time with my family who have been so incredibly supportive throughout my first year of university and for that I am eternally grateful. I also got to spend some Q time with some of my favourite people, the highlight being the last Saturday of the holidays, sitting in the sun, watching rugby with some glorious people before spending the night on the town.

My plans for summer are somewhat blurred, with hints of clarity as I already have lots of things planned but nothing at the same time. Holidays are being booked and dates are being thrown into the diary ready to pack the holidays with memories.

Before then, I’m going to let myself pause for some reflection on my first year as a university student. I started uni life rather apprehensive about my abilities and what was to come, but soon found my feet and built up a clear and concise knowledge of not only the music industry and the field that I love but people and relationships as well. I’ve been so lucky with a handful of the people I’ve met and made some bonds that I hope will never be broken. I’ve come across some souls that are like mine and found my soul mates in friends and in a special someone.

I’ve also been lucky to have picked a subject that I absolutely adore. You hear some people say, “I’ve never thought, oh my god I want to quit” and I thought I had that moment in a few things, but they never lasted. Music has always been in my blood and it’s something that has been present throughout my life. As a little girl, and a young teenager I tried my best to be the creative, I tried to learn how to play instruments, I tried to learn how to sing, I tried to learn how to be a good actress, but I never had enough confidence to pursue it. Not once have I thought of quitting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and I’m itching for my second year to begin. I’ve been taught and mentored by the best in my field and have had the pleasure of meeting some brilliant music minds that are my peers.

We’ve had a fantastic first year, let’s just hope our second year is better still!.

If you haven’t noticed as well, this is the last blog post of April (even though I didn’t post last week… Or the week before) which means it’s monthly video time. With submissions and presentations taking priority this month, the video is substantially shorter than last months but it’s a good one, with an appearance from one of my favourite country musicians. If I haven’t already told you, give the video a watch to find out who! For those of you who still have hand-ins and exams to go, I wish you the best of luck and roll on summer.

Speak to you soon,

Lols xx


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