My friends are better than yours!

Hello my people,

I hope you’ve all had a good week and did a good deed of some form after last weeks post!

Let me just get one thing straight before I continue with this post. My friends are better than yours. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way I will explain why/what I mean by that.

Now, myself, Shelley and Beth met at the haven that is, The Village Hotel Cardiff. And they have become, over the year I’ve known them (although it feels like forever), to be two of my favourite ladies in the world. They’re both such amazing women who are so super funny, and bubbly, and friendly, and kind, the list goes on but they are all those things and more!

Since moving to London we’ve been talking about them coming to visit and doing a road trip up here for a couple of days but so far, haven’t got around to it for many reasons. BUT THIS WEEK THEY CAME AND SURPRISED ME!!

On Saturday morning Dan was acting really shifty after we woke up. We’d already agreed that he would go to Tesco in the morning and get some bits for breakfast, but when we woke up I saw that he’d received a message on Facebook. He hid it straight away and asked if I had seen it, which I hadn’t. When I asked what it was about he told me not to worry and that when he went to the shop he had to pick something up. Which again, was very strange, since the Tesco near me doesn’t have a post office, so he couldn’t have ordered anything, and I couldn’t remember buying anything online.

Anyway, he said he was going to go in an hour or so, which was fine with me. An hour went past so I asked when he was going to go and he said he was going to leave ‘in a bit’. But then his phone buzzed again and he was up like a shot with “I’m going to the shop!”. Which was weird, again.

Once he’d left I went into Lily’s room to explain the weirdness. About 10 minutes later he came back into the flat and called “Babe?” expecting me to be in the kitchen but I was in Lily’s room instead. So I opened the door to see Beth and Shelley hiding either side of my front door.

It was THE BEST surprise and we had the best day wandering the streets of London. And that is why my friends are better than yours, soz.

Short and sweet again but I thought I would share this with you guys! Please like if you liked this weeks post and feel free to give it a cheeky share.
Speak to you soon,

Lols xx


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