Wednesday is the new Tuesday.

Wednesday is the new Tuesday I’ve decided, since the past couple of weeks I’ve failed to post on a Tuesday!

I didn’t really know what to write about this week and I was going through my website and realised I had two posts in my drafts. One I wrote in my first week of living in London and one I wrote a couple of weeks ago, which is kind of irrelevant now.

The title of the one I wrote in the first week of living in London was titled ‘Stay humble’. I still identify with this post because it rings true still. So here it is:

‘Londoners are angry people (casually generalizing all Londoners), most of them hate their jobs, or hate people, or hate crowds or hate something. An important thing for me moving to such a big and busy city was not to forget to be kind and to be humble. Being rude and angry gets you nowhere and won’t fulfil you at all which is why I’ve started to make a conscious effort to be polite and be kind to people, not that I didn’t do that before.

Now this sounds cheesy and weird but you never know what the power of a smile can do for someones day. Someone could’ve been given the worst news, or could’ve had a terrible day at work and just giving them a smile could lift them up, could make their day. So today (Friday, 16th of September) I took Layla to the bus station after an amazing three days of having her stay with me. On my way back through Victoria train station, i took my time, had a look in a few shops and did my first good deed of being in London. Today I donated £1 to a children’s charity. I noticed the collectors walking around the station and constantly being ignored or rejected by passers-by and I thought to myself, no one is in such a rush that they cannot stop for a couple of minutes to donate, or not donate but take a leaflet. Now I know most people will take leaflets and never look at them, but even taking it in the first place shows that you’re putting someone or something else before yourself. You’ve taken that two minutes to show that you care, even without donating.The second good deed of the day was while getting on the tube. A new Mum was simultaneously feeding her little boy and trying to board the tube and no one bothered to help her, so i grabbed her pram and offered to help, of which she was very grateful and I hope that made her day a bit happier.’


This weeks post is very short indeed but short and sweet I like to think! Why don’t you do a good deed today and brighten someones day, your good deed could be sharing this post and giving it a cheeky like and a comment ;). I hope you’ve all had a lovely start to the week and continue to have a good one.

Speak to you soon.

Lols xx


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