Late again :(


I know, it’s later than usual and I’m sorry but there’s nothing in particular that’s happened this week that I feel I have to write about that’s why there has been a little bit of a delay. But, while writing this intro I have thought of something that might be helpful for others that I find keeps me going. Also, I realise that last weeks post was very vague, I knew what I was trying to say but I struggled to get it into words. I tried my best nonetheless.

So something I think is worth talking about/mentioning is motivation. Since moving away from home and more importantly, your parents, it can sometimes be hard to get yourself motivated to either do uni work or exercise since you don’t have someone telling you to do it all the time.

I went for a run yesterday for the first time since moving to London. Last week I asked Dan if we could go to Hyde Park, he could take out a Boris bike and I would run. When I got to his house yesterday morning we decided to wake Sarah up with a cup of tea and eventually (after a lot of persuasion) she agreed to come with us and we had such a good time. Exercising with other people always sparks more motivation, for me anyway. I felt so good about myself when we were done, I managed to run 4.4K in 50 minutes which I was chuffed about. One thing I’ve realised since moving is everyone is out for themselves. You shouldn’t rely on others to make you happy because inevitably you’ll be let down. You decide to be happy, no one can decide for you. Exercise makes me happy, the feeling of complete peace and temporary freedom. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will force myself to go running once a week from now on, it’s a step towards securing my happiness and setting myself up for the week ahead. I realise exercise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so find something that is, and that you don’t do often enough and force yourself to do it, you’ll find yourself feeling so much happier and fulfilled afterwards.

Work is another that I hoped I wouldn’t lose motivation to do, because the bottom line is, I’m not paying however much this course costs me, to fail. I’m here because I chose something that I want and think I can do well in, and that I enjoy, to be the best at it. Like I said in my last couple of posts, I hibernate in the last month or two of last semester in order to knuckle down on my essays and pack in as much revision as possible because 1. I didn’t want to fail myself, 2. I want to make people proud, and 3. That’s what I’m here for. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to me to do well. I didn’t come to mess around, to go out all the time and blow my money. I came to build adult relationships and succeed in something I love.

I’m so good at tangents, I know😉. One thing I heard a lot of last semester is “Oh my God, you’re so good doing your work” or “I’d love to be as motivated as you are”. I understand that being motivated is sometimes extremely difficult, but unless you push yourself you’re not going to be. How do I stay motivated? Simple, so simple that it sounds a little bit ridiculous at times. You know those cringey motivational quotes you see floating around Instagram? I set one as my background at the beginning of every week. Like I said, simple, but effective. here are a couple I used last semester.

I’d love to know if this has been of any help, maybe you’ve been struggling to get yourself motivated recently and you’ve run out of options to spur yourself on. Try this! Or if you know someone who is struggling to get themselves motivated, send them motivational quotes everyday, that way you’re letting them know you care as well. Or even better, send them this way for a kick up the bum!

Please like if you enjoyed this weeks post, comment your motivational techniques if you fancy sharing them and share this with your friends. Apologies again for being late but better late than never eh? I hope you’ve all had a good start to the week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lots of love,

Lols xx


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