One week left!

Hello little ones,

When I left you I was excited for date night with Dan,well, we did have a really good night, after I had a sulk. Why where you sulking I hear you all asking eagerly?! Well, I will tell why, because I forgot my ID so we couldn’t go into the bar in Camden that we wanted to go to. Well done Lau, you absolute legend. London 7-2 Lauren (I’m definitely being defeated by London this semester). Not all was lost though, we decided it would be fun
to get limg_1073ost on purpose, which was fun, we ended up on some street near Blackfriars bridge, in the freezing cold. Conveniently there was a McDonald’s on it (shock, there’s McDonalds everywhere in London) so I could get a coffee to warm up. It was like something out of the advert when a couple are really cold and stumble into a McD’s to warm up, it was great :). We then walked down the street a little bit to a bus stop to get a bus to Oxford Street to see the Christmas lights, and they looked beautiful, especially John Lewis, it has gold fairy lights literally covering it. Once we’d walked the majority of the street, we decided to get the bus home because we were both walking ice cubes by this point.

Lecture day, lecture day, as you all know, my favourite lecture blah blah blah. Anyway, did the lecture, and then myself, Max, Em and Sarah went for a coffee for an hour before they went to their lecture at 2. So once it came to about 1:45 we started thinking about parting ways, and originally I was going to stay at home and get some of my essay and some revision done instead of going to the pub but I haven’t been in a while and I’ve missed being the social butterfly i usually am, so  i thought, I’ll go back to Max’s with him and do some work with him, since he’s in my class and he lives about 10 minutes away from uni, instead of an hour, like me. But no, we grabbed ourselves some sandwiches in Tesco and went back to his uni room and had lunch. So far, so good. I then got my laptop out
of my bag with the hopes of doing some work. Boy was I wrong, instead we spent about 4 hours watching the people in our year sing, Max showed me some music he’s comIMG_1110.JPG
posed and just chatted. Well done guys :). But it’s okay, I did well on this weeks test, it’s all good. We went to the pub on Thursday evening and it’s fair to say I have missed it. I’ve missed socializing with everyone, it was fun, we played pool, we laughed, what more can you ask for. I have the best friends here 🙂 (#laurengetscringey). Spontaneously Dan stayed at mine on Thursday night which meant we had to go back to his to get his stuff before going home, which lead to this being taken in McDonald’s (McD’s again, I know)

Friday was a 7:30 wake up for my 10am lecture which killed me after the late night. We had  a guest lecturer though which was really good fun and we got to finish early, and who doesn’t love an early finish on a Friday, to go home and get into bed to spend the weekend doing work. Which is exactly what I did, I went home and had an amazing night sleep before waking up on Saturday and throwing myself into work for the rest of the work. I’m sorry to bore you all with my mediocre life haha.

I had a business and finance test on Monday *internal screaming*. But I revised a lot and did really well so the internal screaming wasn’t necessary and I’m a really happy bunny, just got to keep revising for my actually exam next week.

BUT. 10 DAYS UNTIL I COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! 4 DAYS UNTIL I SEE QUEEN JACKIE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SIX WEEKS!!! I’m so excited and I’m so excited to go home and have my car back (oh how I’ve missed beautiful Constavlos), I get to go back to work and see everyone I love the most. HOW EXCITING!!

I am aware that my posts are getting a bit samey, but Christmas is going to be a really exciting time and I cannot wait to document it and let you all know what I’m getting up to an after the Christmas holidays I won’t have any exams so I hopefully won’t be as much of a recluse as I have been these past three weeks!

I’d love to know if you had any suggestions on types of posts you’d like to see and I’d love to hear about your week in the comment section so make sure you do that, it’ll make me smile! And I’ll speak to you all soon.

Lots of love,

Lols xx





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