I’m tired.

Hello little ones, it’s me again!

I was late with my post last week, again I apologise for that! I did buy miserable Dan pizza on Tuesday evening since we hadn’t had much sleep due to our extremely late night on Monday/Tuesday morning and he dropped his laptop during the day on Tuesday and smashed his screen. So to stop him from flipping out I bought a two for Tuesdays from Dominos because I’m a class girlfriend.

I continued with my weekly routine of meeting Emily at uni at 2 after she finished her lecture and we walked back to hers, like we do every week, and I bet you can’t guess what happened next… Yes, she fed me! She made me a korma and rice and some broccoli and it was very very yummy. Although my lovely lunch was interrupted rudely by student finance calling me to do a random of review of how I’ve found student finance and their procedures when it comes to filling forms out and all of that jazz. I’m surprised the woman didn’t sense the blunt-ness of my voice and give up half way through but she kept me on the phone for a good 20 minutes. 20 minutes I will never get back, thank you student finance! We then chilled in Ems room,  as per, listened to some tunes before I left at 6 to go to an events meeting at uni. We spent two hours discussing the upcoming events and who’s going to be the main team focusing on which events. After the meeting I went back to Em’s and we had an Indian and had more curry ;). We just chilled out and watched Michael McIntyre before falling asleep.

I had to wake up earlier on Thursday and leave her in bed because I had a lecture at 10am, my favourite lecture that I mention every week, I’m sorry for repeating myself every week but it is my favourite and I have it every week, obviously. And then I went home, because I’m a hardcore student, wow, I haven’t said that in a while! But, yeah, I’m still hardcore. That’s what I did!! I cleaned the flat, how exciting. But the kitchen was desperate for a good bleaching and so was my bathroom. And then I cooked myself some bolognese and got into bed and watched PLL, the queen of hardcore has returned!

Friday I had uni at 10, as usual, but guess what I did? I overslept didn’t I! London 6-2 Lauren. I set an alarm for 6:30. I thought I’d get up nice and early and curl my hair and make myself some lunch to take to uni but no, I made the rookie mistake of closing my eyes for what felt like 10 seconds and woke up again and it was 8:35, now I usually leave the flat about that time so I can be nice and early for my lecture! Well done Lau, you absolute legend. I managed to get ready at the speed of light and even curled my hair, and was only half an hour late, which isn’t too bad at all! Then, Friday evening, me and Dan went on our second official date! He had got tickets at the beginning of October to go and see The Last Leg recorded live and be a part of the studio audience. If you’re unfamiliar with The Last Leg, it’s very much like Mock The Week but with Josh Widdecombe, Alex Brooker and Adam Hills and their special guest this week was David Walliams. After standing out in the cold for a solid two hours, my knees had turned purple and I couldn’t feel my toes or my hands anymore, we were finally let in and the festivities began. It was so funny and so surreal to see it all recorded, there was a warm up comedian act before the show started and in the ad breaks, and the three of them would chat to the audience in the breaks as well. I didn’t think it was possible but David Walliams is more camp off-screen than he is on-screen! We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the studios due to it being a breach of copyright but I would’ve loved to be able to add a picture in :(.

On Saturday Dan had rehearsal at uni with Russell and Preston to teach them some of his songs and I went over to Em’s before coming back to mine and having a study session with her. I started my essays this weekend and I’m doing quite well actually, my aim is to get a first draft of each essay by the end of the week ready to give to my tutors next week for some feedback. I have one due in before Christmas and two just after, the one before, I started and I’m really happy with it so far, at this moment in time I’ve written 2,119 words. The word count is 2,500 and you get 10% each side but I’m not really worried about the word count at this point, I’m just going to write it and give it in and then Ian can tell me what I need to take out and add and all that jazz. And Sunday I just spent writing the essay!

Today I woke up at 9:30 to do some more of my essay again before getting IMG_1004.JPGready to meet Max at 2:30 for a coffee and to do some work before our lecture, which by the way was the worst lecture I’ve been to this year. We had a guest lecturer on how to set up your own business but he just droned on for two hours straight without any visual aids or anything and his voice was so mono tone and boring. I was so glad to get home and cook dinner!

Today, me and Dan are going to go into Westfields and do some shopping and get him some new shoes, and I might treat myself to some new bedding 🙂 and then we’re going to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and I’m very excited!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx


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