Busy week!

Oh hi, before I tell you about my week I’d like to apologise for being a day late with this post but we had a very late night on Monday night or should I say Tuesday morning, but we’ll get to that later.

So, when I left you last week I was getting ready to go to a gig with my pals. We went, we saw, we enjoyed! The band we went to see are students at ICMP and they’re called Blush, they are a young indie/rock band who are full of energy and catchy riffs. They’re so much fun to watch and their energy really translates into the audience, you can find them anywhere if you search @blushband, I’m sure they’d appreciate some extra support! We had a fabulous evening and even took a few pictures, omg I know, Lauren taking photo’s, it almost never happens (sarcasm if you didn’t sense it).  Insert picture here, me and my ladies.IMG_0917.JPG

Tuesday night after the gig I stayed at Dan and Chips’ house and on Wednesday I went to meet E-Dog at ICMP at 2 yet again, we’re subconsciously making this a weekly thing I think, and whenever I go, she feeds me so that’s good :). We sat and chilled and listened to an array of different music and just had a very chilled afternoon. Em was going to visit her Dad Wednesday night so I had a travel buddy back to Stratford (yay). We parted at Stratford station and I came home to Lils and chatted to her for a bit before falling asleep while watching PLL, yet again.

Thursday brought another day of uni, 10-1, my favourite day of lectures actually. We started on Marketing this week and took a look at the first half of the 80’s in the way of who and what was popular. We look at everyone from Adam and the Ants to Boy George, Elvis Costello to Bananarama. After lecture I had an events meeting, which went really well, we’re in the process of planning a Christmas ball/party, The Summer festival that the uni put on every year and the leavers ball for the third years that’ll be graduating and the higher diploma groups. After the events meeting, myself, Ella and Holly went back to E-Dogs again, and she fed me, again. I like her a lot, she’s a good egg. So we just monged out in her room for a few hours and watched Gavin and Stacey while getting a little delirious and laughing a lot. On the previous Friday myself, Max and Holly changed everyone’s name in our group chat to fit Gavin and Stacey characters so when we were watching it we couldn’t help but see our friends as those characters, especially Em being Pam and Chris being Mick. Thursday club happened again Thursday evening, but karaoke was cancelled again 😦 #gutted. Pub was good though, we had a really relaxed evening and I didn’t stay out too late because I’m a good girl! But I left about 9pm and got home and got into bed and fell asleep almost straight away, watching PLL yet again.

DADDY CAME TO VISIT! After a long day of lectures with a visit from a guy from PRS I went to meet Dad at Covent Garden before wandering down to Trafalgar Square where there was a whole lot of excited Scots fans preparing themselves for the England v Scotland world cup qualifier at Wembley. He then surprised me with two tickets to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong, it was so super funny, I literally had tears streaming from eyes through the whole thing!

On Saturday we had a little bit of a lie in before getting ready and going over to Canary Wharf. It was cold, windy and wet and we wandered around for about 2 hours just so he could get timg_0936hree photos of the 02 from a tiny bridge. We started the day with Dad walking into a door frame and tripping over before later in the day stepping onto a step that wasn’t there. Oh how he makes me laugh, that guy. After seeing the concrete jungle that is Canary Wharf we went over to Southbank to get some lunch and to see the fireworks that were happening because of The Lord Mayors Parade that happens every year, the day before Remembrance Sunday. We had lunch at the National Theatre, a tuna, onion and cucumber sandwich and a bowl of sweet potato fries that were very yummy. The fireworks were amazing and we came straight home afterwards and ordered a Chinese and absolutely demolished it while watching the shambles that is the XFactor. Because we’d walked so much we were both so tired and fell almost straight to sleep after stuffing ourselves with amazing Chinese food.


He left me on Sunday 😦 Sad times, we had the best time and I thoroughly enjoyed having him stay with me. Makes me realise how ready I am to go home for Christmas now and spend some quality time with my Family. I’m starting to feel a little homesick now, since I would’ve been up here for 7 weeks before going home for Christmas half term. I’m so excited to go back to God’s country and see all my favourite people!

Spontaneous Monday happened again! We were only going to an open mic for a chilled evening and somehow that turned into Tiger Tiger. So at the beginning of this post I said that we had a late one Monday night/Tuesday morning, when I say late I mean 6am Tuesday morning. Yes, we were extremely tired so that’s why this post was late.


This little part of the blog is dedicated to Caroline Owens a.k.a Little Chef, Cazza, Tosser etc. Caroline is a chef at The Village Hotel where I work. She is a woman who is always this massive energy that fills the room. She’s absolutely hilarious and acts like a teenager most of the time. Not only is she one of the most amazing people I know but she is such a talented chef, something that she doesn’t get to use really while at the Village, but, a huge congratulations is in order because SHE’S GOT A NEW JOB!! She is also the amazing person that reminds me that she hasn’t forgotten about me by sending me loads of gifs over Facebook, weekly. I love her for this and I wish her all the best in her new job, can’t wait for a massive catch up and a glass or two of wine when I get home! Love you Cazza xx

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful, maybe spontaneous week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx




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