I went on a date :)

Hello you,

You’ll all be glad to know that my infusion went well, they gave me a complimentary coffee as they gave me my eight weekly fix of infliximab. Infliximab is a “chimeric monoclonal antibody biologic drug that works against tumor necrosis factor alpha and is used to treat autoimmune diseases” as defined by Wikipedia. It’s basically medication that loosens up my joints a little and gives me a boots in energy to make all my adventures up here in the big smoke easier and much more enjoyable.

After finishing up at the hospital I was met by the lovely Daniel and we went on our first date. Yes I said date, I went on one. London 5 – 2 Lauren. I think I deserve a point don’t you? Anyway, went to Hyde Park and hired two Santanderimg_0891 bikes and cycled the entirety of the park after seeing 200 of the Queens horses walk up through Hy
de Park corner, we then wandered over to the science museum and looked around there before going over to Trafalgar Square and having some food and a drink. By this time it was dark and Southbank was lit up all pretty so that we thought it would be cute to walk down Southbank towards St Paul’s Cathedral meanwhile Dan was talking my ear off with what can only be described as a plethora of facts that he’d clearly been saving for a rainy day. Why be a songwriter when you could pursue a career in guiding tours of the city? We had the best time and laughed pretty much all day, it was amazing :).

Wednesday then called for Em to be filled in on my date. I met her at ICMP and we went to hers, where she cooked for me, as usual. It’s sort of becoming a thing now, Wednesdays I met Em at uni and we go to hers and she feeds me. I love that girl to bits, just to find an excuse to give myself another point I think I deserve it because I’ve found such an amazing gal, London 5 – 3 Lauren. I’m catching up!

Thursday was lecture day, 10-1 so it was short and sweet but it’s my favourite day as I think I’ve mentioned a few times. We mainly spoke about our assignment that is due in at the beginning of January, I’ve started working on it already and I’m actually really enjoying writing it so far. Thursday night we all went to the pub (as per) but for Ella Bella Umbrella Mozzarella Cheeses birthday, otherwise known as my Welsh companion. She turned 21!! Now legal to do all the drinking she’s being doing here for three-year over in the States, yay her. We were expecting karaoke but were bitterly disappointed for the second week running since they had cancelled it :(. Not that I would have sung but it made me sad, I hope that they do it this week. But we had a lovely evening nonetheless!

Friday I was an absolute zombie! I was absolutely exhausted after a hectic week, so much so that I almost fell asleep in my afternoon lecture. Lunch time we occupied ourselves by playing table football where I absolutely thrashed Max in may I add ;). I was so glad to finish come 4 o’clock and come home to a Bolognese that I’d pulled out of the freezer Friday morning. Something I had been raving about all day and it was amazing, did not disappoint. Radu came to visit this weekend so I chilled with him and Lils for a little bit and watched some fireworks from Lily’s bedroom before I climbed into bed, put PLL on and fell asleep. It was the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time, 14 hours to be precise. 10:30pm to 12:30pm Saturday. London 5 – 4 Lauren.

Saturday, as you all know was bonfire night and myself, Dan, Chips (Sarah) and Dan’s friend from home, Cait went to Primrose Hill in St John’s Wood to watch the fireworks over London. It’s moments like this, standing looking over this massive city, that makes me feel so extremely lucky to be me right now, and to have this opportunity.img_0898

After standing in the cold for a bit we decided to go back to Dan and Chips’ house to warm up! Emily joined us there as well and we thought it would be hilarious to stage and argument between Chips and Em which we found to be hilarious! Clearly wasn’t for everyone else.

Myself, Lils and Radu had the biggest feast on Sunday with chicken, chilli, sausages, nice breads and spreads and it was soo yummy. Sunday evening we ended up at the pub for open mic night, Dan sang, obviously! He ended up breaking a guitar string but other than that he was really good!

Yesterday my brain was fried by an accountant who was trying to teach me about TAX and VAT, Max is going to give me a master class on finance in general before our exam in week 12 so we can both do well (hopefully).

Me and Dan were supposed to be going to play mini golf today but so far have barely moved from the flat, but we are going to see an indie/rock band called Blush at The Good Ship, a bar near our uni and I am very excited.

That is all from me this week, for some reason it’s taken me far too long to write today’s post but hey! It’s here now. I hope you all have a fabulous week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx


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