What a fun week I’ve had!


When I left you last week it would’ve been the night before lil’ Loz’ arrival in the big smoke! I met her at Victoria coach station and greeted her with a huge cwtch and a cup of coffee, since it was 11am and she had been stuck on that coach since 7:30! We had a lovely three days together and it was so nice having her visit and finally being able to spend some quality time with her, rather than talking to her through a computer or over text. We meandered back to the flat to make ourselves look less zombie-like and then wandered over to Westfields to do some serious shopping! This girl is the only girl I know who can influence my shopping habits. We’re such bad influences on each other when it comes to shopping, we end up spending money we don’t have on things we don’t really need.

Lauren actually made her own London scoring system and I think it might be a Lauren thing because she was battered by London over the three days and it didn’t hesitate to batter her either. As soon as we got to Green Park station to get on the Jubilee line to Stratford Lauren got stuck in the doors (London 1 – 0 Lil Loz). Fair to say we both found that hilarious, all I remember is turning around and seeing her little face in between the doors! I then tried to pull the doors open but I’m the weakest person you’ll ever meet so that wasn’t happening, so the kindness of a stranger meant Lauren’s freedom from the doors. London conceived it’s second point when we got to Stratford tube station and Lauren fell onto the escalators, let’s just say her coordination when it comes to escalators isn’t the best I’ve seen, London 2 – 0 Lil Loz.

We spent about 6 hours in Westfields just browsing the shops, like I said, spending money we don’t have. Lauren then treated me to dinner at Las Iguanas, I’m obsessed with their chicken fajitas and sweet potato fries at the moment, they are the bees knees, Lauren had an avocado and nutty salady thingy which she thoroughly enjoyed! We finally made our way back to the flat for the evening then and settled down with a cup of tea and my biscuit tin and watched make video after make up video on YouTube, make up is something we’re both slightly obsessed with! I feel like I’m going to just keep repeating this throughout this blog post but it was so lovely having her stay with me, I hope she comes back very very soon.

Thursday I was very envious of her because I left her in bed while I got up at the crack of dawn to go to my 10am lecture. We had a guest speaker on Thursday, A&R legend, James Endeacott. He was very interesting and hearing his stories was fascinating, I may have given him the impression that I’m a little bit of a stalker though. Basically, we were told to prepare questions for when he came in, so I did. One of my questions was “how nervous were you when you first got on stage, seeing as you’d never picked a guitar up before?”, now, I think it’s important to add that I had read an interview with him the day before, and the answer was in that interview but I thought I’d ask the question anyway, as he was answering the question, I sort of did as well! Stupid move but hey! Maybe he’ll remember me now as the stalker who answered her own question. It was fascinating nonetheless to hear about his adventures over the years.

After lecture Lauren met me and my friends in Kilburn and we split off for a little bit to do some sightseeing. We spent about 3 hours wandering down the Southbank just chatting, again, I think it’s important to add that she is a very speedy walker and I had to keep reminding her to slow down and that we weren’t in a rush. She picked up some London souvenirs and we got to see Big Ben and the London Eye before going back to Kilburn to meet my friends at the pub for karaoke night.IMG_0844.PNG

Karaoke night was cancelled, and gutted is an understatement! So we made our karaoke and Dan whipped out his guitar for a bit of a sing-song. Franque provided the entertainment while we tested his perfect pitch. You can tell we’re music students. Fun was had by all, as per. We’re quite an entertaining bunch I like to think.

Friday was her last day with me :(. Cry. I again, left her in bed while I went to uni for another 10am lecture. I wished the day away because I WAS GOING HOME!! Yes, I went home again, I was going to include it in last weeks post but I’m aware that Shelley may have read it and it would’ve ruined the surprise. It was Shelley’s birthday on Wednesday and I decided that I would go home and surprise her. It was very successful as well. Tom picked me up from my house about 6 and we drove back to their house, luckily we got home before Shelley did! I popped her birthday present on the kitchen counter and leaned on their breakfast bar until she walked around the corner and completely froze when she saw me. Success! We had the nicest evening just chilling at her house, we ate Chinese and watched/complained at XFactor, and then in the spirit of Halloween watched Saw before going to bed, which might not have been the smartest idea!

It sort of turned into a weekend of surprises, once Shelley dropped me home on Sunday morning, I jumped in the shower because Grandpy and Auntie Sue were coming over,two of my favourite people in the world (yay me), and they didn’t know I was home either!! This lead to more siting around drinking tea and eating biscuits (story of my life).

London 5 – 1 Lauren. So, as we were sitting around drinking tea and eating biscuits I thought I would check my ticket for my bus home Sunday evening. After finding it on my emails I realised that I had booked the 6am Megabus to London rather than the 6pm because I’m an absolute genius! This couldn’t be amended then because the journey had already been, so I ended up booking the 5:55 train to London Paddington. The second crisis struck when I got onto the train and realised, not only had I left my plug for my phone charger at home, but I’d left my headphones too! That is the worst mistake you want to make on a long journey, and trust me it felt like a looooong journey without them! Managed to get home by about 10pm and was greeted by a cup of tea and Lils! She was finally back from half term which was lush, how I’ve done a week without her I’ll never know! Settled down for bed time with PLL and some toast before falling asleep watching it, again.

Yesterday then was just like any Monday, lecture 4-7 and then, the pub. Standard. I didn’t stay for long mind because if left my room in an absolute state and I’d pulled a Queen Jackie’s curry out of the freezer so I was buzzing for that!

I am now, day in a chair at the infusion clinic at UCLH getting my eight weekly dose of energy! Life is looking good and I am loving it!

I hope you’ve all had a fun week, like me and I will speak to you soon!

Lols xx


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