Shameless plugging :)

Hello readers,

I cannot believe how magical Winter Wonderland is. Oh my, I felt completely washed over with img_1021the Christmas spirit as soon as I walked in. I think Dan and Sarah may have been a little bit freaked out by my excitement, because trust me, I was super excited! But oh my goodness it is so beautiful, expensive (obviously), but beautiful. LOOK AT IT!

But it makes you feel like a child again with all the stalls and Christmas music, and there’s much to see that you cannot possibly see it all in one go, so I’m definitely going to be going back. We went our separate ways about 10 o’clock and I trekked back home to the wife (Lily).

On Wednesday I spent the day at my desk doing uni work and managed to get a first draft of one of my essays done (of which I got really good feedback from after sending him my first draft, well chuffed) and started on my other two so I had a rather productive day. London 6-3 Lauren.  Although that does mean I have more work to be concentrating on so I can’t exactly chill yet. I’ve become somewhat of a recluse again and I haven’t been out to socialize much with the squad but, you’ve got to put the work in to get the result out in the end so fingers crossed my efforts won’t be wasted. After spending all day at my laptop staring at a screen and having Dan be a distraction on FaceTime while doing this I decided to treat myself to a really lovely dinner. So on Monday, I decided it was time to have a little bit of a detox. My skin, as in, my eczema has flared up massively in the past two weeks and I can see that I’ve put a bit of weight on so I thought it was time to clean my system a little bit. Anyway, long story short, I’ve started to eat much healthier and only drink water, tea and coffee, so I made myself a roast essentially, chicken, roasties, peas and sweetcorn. Well I really out did myself there didn’t I. Might as well quit uni and become a chef. But in all seriousness, it was really yummy.

Thursday came around, and you know what happens on Thursdays, Artist Development! Yay! We spent the majority of the lesson going over the artist development case studies we were asked to do in preparation for the lesson, but also to help us when it comes to our essays (which I’ve already done because I’m sad). But we went through them and then started talking about the 90’s in music which has got to be one of the best decades in music in my opinion. After our lecture, one of our other traditions is to meet Em at 1, when we finish and go for a coffee, because uni has turned us all into obsessive coffee drinkers who run on caffeine. It’s really bad, I’m one coffee away from a free one on my loyalty card and we cannot function properly. Lils college, ELAM, were visiting ICMP on Thursday for an exclusive open day sort of thing and were shown around and given a little talk about us as a uni and what we get up to and the opportunities they provide and so on and so forth so Chris and I tried to get some work done, I didn’t get a lot done but I managed to do a little bit of research for my other essays and Chris started on all three of his essays at once! And then Lils had managed to get me, as well as her, but she was going anyway, on the guest list to see a former ELAM trainee who goes by the stage name of Girli perform at the Camden Institute. Her music is quite an acquired taste, one which I am yet to acquire but I was very intrigued by her videos online and was quite interesting to see how she’d perform live. This may be a good time to mention that during her performance at LoveBox festival she was kicked off for swearing too much. But she wasn’t half as intense live as I thought she was going to be. We left the venue about 10:30 and made our way back to Stratford where we met Dan on our walk home because he was staying with us on Thursday and so was Anita. It was so lovely to see Anita, I haven’t seen her in a while so it was lovely to catch up with her over a cup of tea before bed. And off we went to the land of nod.

Woke up on time this week for my 10am with good ol’ Ken. This week we spoke about plagiarism and licensing which was really interesting actually, then spent a little bit looking at examples of the essays that we have to write ready for the New Year. After uni, myself, Sarah and Em chilled at Em’s all evening, had a chippy and ordered some milkshakes (yes we order milkshakes, I had a bubblegum millions one and Em had a double Oreo one). My detox kind of went down hill towards the end of last week so I just went all out. I had the worst luck on Friday as well, my eczema just exploded and I lost my bank card 😦 So I had to call Halifax and cancel my card and have them send me a new one, but, it will be sent to Cardiff because that’s still my billing address and then my parents will have to send it to me via tracked mail. London 7-3 Lauren. I stayed at Em’s on Friday night and went home about 11 o’clock Saturday morning, got in, had a shower and got changed and was practicallimg_1044y straight out the door again. I met up with my Auntie and two of my cousins for dinner which was lovely, and my Auntie paid for us which was very kind of her. I bought her some flowers and some chocolate to say thank you because I’m a lovely niece (and Queen Jackie suggested it). Lils was in Leeds this weekend so it was just lil old me, but because I’m a hardcore  party animal, I went straight to sleep. I know, uni has changed me. On Sunday I woke up and Dan came over, since his bus back to London from home stopped in Stratford, and he bought me some donuts on his way, because I asked him to! And he surprised me with flowers, brownie points there! And then we quickly went back to his so he could drop his things off before quickly getting changed and making our way, with Sarah, to his gig in Islington.


Firstly I’d like to mention my Auntie Sue. This lady has been mentioned in a previous post but comments every week about how I haven’t mentioned her. So Auntie Sue, here’s your appreciation post. I love you very much and I miss you and I cannot wait to see you when I come home for the festive season!x

This is a plugging/appreciation section for my very talented musician friends:

  1. Daniel. Not only is he my boyfriend but he is an extremely talented singer songwriter who gigs all over London and has spent a gap year gaining a lot of gigging experience in his home town. His music his very indie acoustic and you can find him on Facebook ( ) where he posts about his upcoming gigs and video’s of his songs. He also has a single coming out in December of one my favourite songs of his which is ‘Difficult’.
  2. Second one goes to one of my best friends,  Emily and her band, Archiles, who also had a gig this weekend but back in her home town. They’re a very indie rock sort of band who will hopefully be gigging more in London after Christmas. In fact Dan and Em have a gig that they’ve arranged, themselves, at the beginning of February so if you’re around London on the 2nd I believe please pop by and watch. They’re both very talented people. You can find Archiles on Facebook also, if you search their name. You can also find them on Instagram @archilesofficial.

Go over to both their pages and give them some loving!

Back to your weekly update, I went into uni for 2 o’clock yesterday because I had a meeting with my lecturer to go over my essay, well, what I’ve got so far, and he gave me some helpful feedback and guidance. I then just hung around for an hour and a bit before my lecture and chilled in the common room! Then last night was the higher diploma’s showcase and my friends Sammie and Tom were both performing (and both did extremely well!) before coming home and collapsing into bed.

Today I practically stayed in bed all day before getting up to go to a two-hour student senate meeting where all the student reps meet and talk about the feedback they’ve received from their fellow students regarding things they’re not happy with, what needs fixing and what they’re really enjoying which was quite interesting.

Tomorrow I don’t have uni, I have another week without my traditional meet up and being fed by Em because she’s working so I’m going to get up at a reasonable time and do some work before going to my events meeting at 5 and then myself and Dan are going to have a date night which I’m sure will be lovely!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx





I’m tired.

Hello little ones, it’s me again!

I was late with my post last week, again I apologise for that! I did buy miserable Dan pizza on Tuesday evening since we hadn’t had much sleep due to our extremely late night on Monday/Tuesday morning and he dropped his laptop during the day on Tuesday and smashed his screen. So to stop him from flipping out I bought a two for Tuesdays from Dominos because I’m a class girlfriend.

I continued with my weekly routine of meeting Emily at uni at 2 after she finished her lecture and we walked back to hers, like we do every week, and I bet you can’t guess what happened next… Yes, she fed me! She made me a korma and rice and some broccoli and it was very very yummy. Although my lovely lunch was interrupted rudely by student finance calling me to do a random of review of how I’ve found student finance and their procedures when it comes to filling forms out and all of that jazz. I’m surprised the woman didn’t sense the blunt-ness of my voice and give up half way through but she kept me on the phone for a good 20 minutes. 20 minutes I will never get back, thank you student finance! We then chilled in Ems room,  as per, listened to some tunes before I left at 6 to go to an events meeting at uni. We spent two hours discussing the upcoming events and who’s going to be the main team focusing on which events. After the meeting I went back to Em’s and we had an Indian and had more curry ;). We just chilled out and watched Michael McIntyre before falling asleep.

I had to wake up earlier on Thursday and leave her in bed because I had a lecture at 10am, my favourite lecture that I mention every week, I’m sorry for repeating myself every week but it is my favourite and I have it every week, obviously. And then I went home, because I’m a hardcore student, wow, I haven’t said that in a while! But, yeah, I’m still hardcore. That’s what I did!! I cleaned the flat, how exciting. But the kitchen was desperate for a good bleaching and so was my bathroom. And then I cooked myself some bolognese and got into bed and watched PLL, the queen of hardcore has returned!

Friday I had uni at 10, as usual, but guess what I did? I overslept didn’t I! London 6-2 Lauren. I set an alarm for 6:30. I thought I’d get up nice and early and curl my hair and make myself some lunch to take to uni but no, I made the rookie mistake of closing my eyes for what felt like 10 seconds and woke up again and it was 8:35, now I usually leave the flat about that time so I can be nice and early for my lecture! Well done Lau, you absolute legend. I managed to get ready at the speed of light and even curled my hair, and was only half an hour late, which isn’t too bad at all! Then, Friday evening, me and Dan went on our second official date! He had got tickets at the beginning of October to go and see The Last Leg recorded live and be a part of the studio audience. If you’re unfamiliar with The Last Leg, it’s very much like Mock The Week but with Josh Widdecombe, Alex Brooker and Adam Hills and their special guest this week was David Walliams. After standing out in the cold for a solid two hours, my knees had turned purple and I couldn’t feel my toes or my hands anymore, we were finally let in and the festivities began. It was so funny and so surreal to see it all recorded, there was a warm up comedian act before the show started and in the ad breaks, and the three of them would chat to the audience in the breaks as well. I didn’t think it was possible but David Walliams is more camp off-screen than he is on-screen! We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the studios due to it being a breach of copyright but I would’ve loved to be able to add a picture in :(.

On Saturday Dan had rehearsal at uni with Russell and Preston to teach them some of his songs and I went over to Em’s before coming back to mine and having a study session with her. I started my essays this weekend and I’m doing quite well actually, my aim is to get a first draft of each essay by the end of the week ready to give to my tutors next week for some feedback. I have one due in before Christmas and two just after, the one before, I started and I’m really happy with it so far, at this moment in time I’ve written 2,119 words. The word count is 2,500 and you get 10% each side but I’m not really worried about the word count at this point, I’m just going to write it and give it in and then Ian can tell me what I need to take out and add and all that jazz. And Sunday I just spent writing the essay!

Today I woke up at 9:30 to do some more of my essay again before getting IMG_1004.JPGready to meet Max at 2:30 for a coffee and to do some work before our lecture, which by the way was the worst lecture I’ve been to this year. We had a guest lecturer on how to set up your own business but he just droned on for two hours straight without any visual aids or anything and his voice was so mono tone and boring. I was so glad to get home and cook dinner!

Today, me and Dan are going to go into Westfields and do some shopping and get him some new shoes, and I might treat myself to some new bedding 🙂 and then we’re going to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and I’m very excited!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx

Busy week!

Oh hi, before I tell you about my week I’d like to apologise for being a day late with this post but we had a very late night on Monday night or should I say Tuesday morning, but we’ll get to that later.

So, when I left you last week I was getting ready to go to a gig with my pals. We went, we saw, we enjoyed! The band we went to see are students at ICMP and they’re called Blush, they are a young indie/rock band who are full of energy and catchy riffs. They’re so much fun to watch and their energy really translates into the audience, you can find them anywhere if you search @blushband, I’m sure they’d appreciate some extra support! We had a fabulous evening and even took a few pictures, omg I know, Lauren taking photo’s, it almost never happens (sarcasm if you didn’t sense it).  Insert picture here, me and my ladies.IMG_0917.JPG

Tuesday night after the gig I stayed at Dan and Chips’ house and on Wednesday I went to meet E-Dog at ICMP at 2 yet again, we’re subconsciously making this a weekly thing I think, and whenever I go, she feeds me so that’s good :). We sat and chilled and listened to an array of different music and just had a very chilled afternoon. Em was going to visit her Dad Wednesday night so I had a travel buddy back to Stratford (yay). We parted at Stratford station and I came home to Lils and chatted to her for a bit before falling asleep while watching PLL, yet again.

Thursday brought another day of uni, 10-1, my favourite day of lectures actually. We started on Marketing this week and took a look at the first half of the 80’s in the way of who and what was popular. We look at everyone from Adam and the Ants to Boy George, Elvis Costello to Bananarama. After lecture I had an events meeting, which went really well, we’re in the process of planning a Christmas ball/party, The Summer festival that the uni put on every year and the leavers ball for the third years that’ll be graduating and the higher diploma groups. After the events meeting, myself, Ella and Holly went back to E-Dogs again, and she fed me, again. I like her a lot, she’s a good egg. So we just monged out in her room for a few hours and watched Gavin and Stacey while getting a little delirious and laughing a lot. On the previous Friday myself, Max and Holly changed everyone’s name in our group chat to fit Gavin and Stacey characters so when we were watching it we couldn’t help but see our friends as those characters, especially Em being Pam and Chris being Mick. Thursday club happened again Thursday evening, but karaoke was cancelled again 😦 #gutted. Pub was good though, we had a really relaxed evening and I didn’t stay out too late because I’m a good girl! But I left about 9pm and got home and got into bed and fell asleep almost straight away, watching PLL yet again.

DADDY CAME TO VISIT! After a long day of lectures with a visit from a guy from PRS I went to meet Dad at Covent Garden before wandering down to Trafalgar Square where there was a whole lot of excited Scots fans preparing themselves for the England v Scotland world cup qualifier at Wembley. He then surprised me with two tickets to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong, it was so super funny, I literally had tears streaming from eyes through the whole thing!

On Saturday we had a little bit of a lie in before getting ready and going over to Canary Wharf. It was cold, windy and wet and we wandered around for about 2 hours just so he could get timg_0936hree photos of the 02 from a tiny bridge. We started the day with Dad walking into a door frame and tripping over before later in the day stepping onto a step that wasn’t there. Oh how he makes me laugh, that guy. After seeing the concrete jungle that is Canary Wharf we went over to Southbank to get some lunch and to see the fireworks that were happening because of The Lord Mayors Parade that happens every year, the day before Remembrance Sunday. We had lunch at the National Theatre, a tuna, onion and cucumber sandwich and a bowl of sweet potato fries that were very yummy. The fireworks were amazing and we came straight home afterwards and ordered a Chinese and absolutely demolished it while watching the shambles that is the XFactor. Because we’d walked so much we were both so tired and fell almost straight to sleep after stuffing ourselves with amazing Chinese food.


He left me on Sunday 😦 Sad times, we had the best time and I thoroughly enjoyed having him stay with me. Makes me realise how ready I am to go home for Christmas now and spend some quality time with my Family. I’m starting to feel a little homesick now, since I would’ve been up here for 7 weeks before going home for Christmas half term. I’m so excited to go back to God’s country and see all my favourite people!

Spontaneous Monday happened again! We were only going to an open mic for a chilled evening and somehow that turned into Tiger Tiger. So at the beginning of this post I said that we had a late one Monday night/Tuesday morning, when I say late I mean 6am Tuesday morning. Yes, we were extremely tired so that’s why this post was late.


This little part of the blog is dedicated to Caroline Owens a.k.a Little Chef, Cazza, Tosser etc. Caroline is a chef at The Village Hotel where I work. She is a woman who is always this massive energy that fills the room. She’s absolutely hilarious and acts like a teenager most of the time. Not only is she one of the most amazing people I know but she is such a talented chef, something that she doesn’t get to use really while at the Village, but, a huge congratulations is in order because SHE’S GOT A NEW JOB!! She is also the amazing person that reminds me that she hasn’t forgotten about me by sending me loads of gifs over Facebook, weekly. I love her for this and I wish her all the best in her new job, can’t wait for a massive catch up and a glass or two of wine when I get home! Love you Cazza xx

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful, maybe spontaneous week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx



I went on a date :)

Hello you,

You’ll all be glad to know that my infusion went well, they gave me a complimentary coffee as they gave me my eight weekly fix of infliximab. Infliximab is a “chimeric monoclonal antibody biologic drug that works against tumor necrosis factor alpha and is used to treat autoimmune diseases” as defined by Wikipedia. It’s basically medication that loosens up my joints a little and gives me a boots in energy to make all my adventures up here in the big smoke easier and much more enjoyable.

After finishing up at the hospital I was met by the lovely Daniel and we went on our first date. Yes I said date, I went on one. London 5 – 2 Lauren. I think I deserve a point don’t you? Anyway, went to Hyde Park and hired two Santanderimg_0891 bikes and cycled the entirety of the park after seeing 200 of the Queens horses walk up through Hy
de Park corner, we then wandered over to the science museum and looked around there before going over to Trafalgar Square and having some food and a drink. By this time it was dark and Southbank was lit up all pretty so that we thought it would be cute to walk down Southbank towards St Paul’s Cathedral meanwhile Dan was talking my ear off with what can only be described as a plethora of facts that he’d clearly been saving for a rainy day. Why be a songwriter when you could pursue a career in guiding tours of the city? We had the best time and laughed pretty much all day, it was amazing :).

Wednesday then called for Em to be filled in on my date. I met her at ICMP and we went to hers, where she cooked for me, as usual. It’s sort of becoming a thing now, Wednesdays I met Em at uni and we go to hers and she feeds me. I love that girl to bits, just to find an excuse to give myself another point I think I deserve it because I’ve found such an amazing gal, London 5 – 3 Lauren. I’m catching up!

Thursday was lecture day, 10-1 so it was short and sweet but it’s my favourite day as I think I’ve mentioned a few times. We mainly spoke about our assignment that is due in at the beginning of January, I’ve started working on it already and I’m actually really enjoying writing it so far. Thursday night we all went to the pub (as per) but for Ella Bella Umbrella Mozzarella Cheeses birthday, otherwise known as my Welsh companion. She turned 21!! Now legal to do all the drinking she’s being doing here for three-year over in the States, yay her. We were expecting karaoke but were bitterly disappointed for the second week running since they had cancelled it :(. Not that I would have sung but it made me sad, I hope that they do it this week. But we had a lovely evening nonetheless!

Friday I was an absolute zombie! I was absolutely exhausted after a hectic week, so much so that I almost fell asleep in my afternoon lecture. Lunch time we occupied ourselves by playing table football where I absolutely thrashed Max in may I add ;). I was so glad to finish come 4 o’clock and come home to a Bolognese that I’d pulled out of the freezer Friday morning. Something I had been raving about all day and it was amazing, did not disappoint. Radu came to visit this weekend so I chilled with him and Lils for a little bit and watched some fireworks from Lily’s bedroom before I climbed into bed, put PLL on and fell asleep. It was the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time, 14 hours to be precise. 10:30pm to 12:30pm Saturday. London 5 – 4 Lauren.

Saturday, as you all know was bonfire night and myself, Dan, Chips (Sarah) and Dan’s friend from home, Cait went to Primrose Hill in St John’s Wood to watch the fireworks over London. It’s moments like this, standing looking over this massive city, that makes me feel so extremely lucky to be me right now, and to have this opportunity.img_0898

After standing in the cold for a bit we decided to go back to Dan and Chips’ house to warm up! Emily joined us there as well and we thought it would be hilarious to stage and argument between Chips and Em which we found to be hilarious! Clearly wasn’t for everyone else.

Myself, Lils and Radu had the biggest feast on Sunday with chicken, chilli, sausages, nice breads and spreads and it was soo yummy. Sunday evening we ended up at the pub for open mic night, Dan sang, obviously! He ended up breaking a guitar string but other than that he was really good!

Yesterday my brain was fried by an accountant who was trying to teach me about TAX and VAT, Max is going to give me a master class on finance in general before our exam in week 12 so we can both do well (hopefully).

Me and Dan were supposed to be going to play mini golf today but so far have barely moved from the flat, but we are going to see an indie/rock band called Blush at The Good Ship, a bar near our uni and I am very excited.

That is all from me this week, for some reason it’s taken me far too long to write today’s post but hey! It’s here now. I hope you all have a fabulous week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx

What a fun week I’ve had!


When I left you last week it would’ve been the night before lil’ Loz’ arrival in the big smoke! I met her at Victoria coach station and greeted her with a huge cwtch and a cup of coffee, since it was 11am and she had been stuck on that coach since 7:30! We had a lovely three days together and it was so nice having her visit and finally being able to spend some quality time with her, rather than talking to her through a computer or over text. We meandered back to the flat to make ourselves look less zombie-like and then wandered over to Westfields to do some serious shopping! This girl is the only girl I know who can influence my shopping habits. We’re such bad influences on each other when it comes to shopping, we end up spending money we don’t have on things we don’t really need.

Lauren actually made her own London scoring system and I think it might be a Lauren thing because she was battered by London over the three days and it didn’t hesitate to batter her either. As soon as we got to Green Park station to get on the Jubilee line to Stratford Lauren got stuck in the doors (London 1 – 0 Lil Loz). Fair to say we both found that hilarious, all I remember is turning around and seeing her little face in between the doors! I then tried to pull the doors open but I’m the weakest person you’ll ever meet so that wasn’t happening, so the kindness of a stranger meant Lauren’s freedom from the doors. London conceived it’s second point when we got to Stratford tube station and Lauren fell onto the escalators, let’s just say her coordination when it comes to escalators isn’t the best I’ve seen, London 2 – 0 Lil Loz.

We spent about 6 hours in Westfields just browsing the shops, like I said, spending money we don’t have. Lauren then treated me to dinner at Las Iguanas, I’m obsessed with their chicken fajitas and sweet potato fries at the moment, they are the bees knees, Lauren had an avocado and nutty salady thingy which she thoroughly enjoyed! We finally made our way back to the flat for the evening then and settled down with a cup of tea and my biscuit tin and watched make video after make up video on YouTube, make up is something we’re both slightly obsessed with! I feel like I’m going to just keep repeating this throughout this blog post but it was so lovely having her stay with me, I hope she comes back very very soon.

Thursday I was very envious of her because I left her in bed while I got up at the crack of dawn to go to my 10am lecture. We had a guest speaker on Thursday, A&R legend, James Endeacott. He was very interesting and hearing his stories was fascinating, I may have given him the impression that I’m a little bit of a stalker though. Basically, we were told to prepare questions for when he came in, so I did. One of my questions was “how nervous were you when you first got on stage, seeing as you’d never picked a guitar up before?”, now, I think it’s important to add that I had read an interview with him the day before, and the answer was in that interview but I thought I’d ask the question anyway, as he was answering the question, I sort of did as well! Stupid move but hey! Maybe he’ll remember me now as the stalker who answered her own question. It was fascinating nonetheless to hear about his adventures over the years.

After lecture Lauren met me and my friends in Kilburn and we split off for a little bit to do some sightseeing. We spent about 3 hours wandering down the Southbank just chatting, again, I think it’s important to add that she is a very speedy walker and I had to keep reminding her to slow down and that we weren’t in a rush. She picked up some London souvenirs and we got to see Big Ben and the London Eye before going back to Kilburn to meet my friends at the pub for karaoke night.IMG_0844.PNG

Karaoke night was cancelled, and gutted is an understatement! So we made our karaoke and Dan whipped out his guitar for a bit of a sing-song. Franque provided the entertainment while we tested his perfect pitch. You can tell we’re music students. Fun was had by all, as per. We’re quite an entertaining bunch I like to think.

Friday was her last day with me :(. Cry. I again, left her in bed while I went to uni for another 10am lecture. I wished the day away because I WAS GOING HOME!! Yes, I went home again, I was going to include it in last weeks post but I’m aware that Shelley may have read it and it would’ve ruined the surprise. It was Shelley’s birthday on Wednesday and I decided that I would go home and surprise her. It was very successful as well. Tom picked me up from my house about 6 and we drove back to their house, luckily we got home before Shelley did! I popped her birthday present on the kitchen counter and leaned on their breakfast bar until she walked around the corner and completely froze when she saw me. Success! We had the nicest evening just chilling at her house, we ate Chinese and watched/complained at XFactor, and then in the spirit of Halloween watched Saw before going to bed, which might not have been the smartest idea!

It sort of turned into a weekend of surprises, once Shelley dropped me home on Sunday morning, I jumped in the shower because Grandpy and Auntie Sue were coming over,two of my favourite people in the world (yay me), and they didn’t know I was home either!! This lead to more siting around drinking tea and eating biscuits (story of my life).

London 5 – 1 Lauren. So, as we were sitting around drinking tea and eating biscuits I thought I would check my ticket for my bus home Sunday evening. After finding it on my emails I realised that I had booked the 6am Megabus to London rather than the 6pm because I’m an absolute genius! This couldn’t be amended then because the journey had already been, so I ended up booking the 5:55 train to London Paddington. The second crisis struck when I got onto the train and realised, not only had I left my plug for my phone charger at home, but I’d left my headphones too! That is the worst mistake you want to make on a long journey, and trust me it felt like a looooong journey without them! Managed to get home by about 10pm and was greeted by a cup of tea and Lils! She was finally back from half term which was lush, how I’ve done a week without her I’ll never know! Settled down for bed time with PLL and some toast before falling asleep watching it, again.

Yesterday then was just like any Monday, lecture 4-7 and then, the pub. Standard. I didn’t stay for long mind because if left my room in an absolute state and I’d pulled a Queen Jackie’s curry out of the freezer so I was buzzing for that!

I am now, day in a chair at the infusion clinic at UCLH getting my eight weekly dose of energy! Life is looking good and I am loving it!

I hope you’ve all had a fun week, like me and I will speak to you soon!

Lols xx