Just another week :)

Hello everyone!

I felt like last weeks post was a bit rubbish so I apologise for that.

I hope you’ve all had a good week, this week wasn’t as spontaneous as last week unfortunately. But it was still good! Wednesday I woke up at Emily’s, because I’d slept there the night before, not just waking up in random people’s houses. Myself, Emily and her friend from home, Ella went for some lunch at a cafe near hers once she’d finished in uni (me and Ella chilled in her bed while she had a 9am start, soz Em) and then myself and Ella got the overground back to Stratford so she could get her train back home and I could go home to my flat. I basically spent the rest of the day mooching around the flat, doing some tidying and some uni work before going to the year 12’s at Lily’s college’s first gig of the term which was really good. I really contemplated not going because I was so tired but I’m really glad I went. Myself, Lily and her friend Star then walked back to the flat and chatted in the kitchen for a couple of hours before I went to bed and watched a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars (I’m hooked) and fell to sleep.

Thursday, I woke up and went to my lecture at 10am, I did almost miss my stop though because I nearly fell asleep on my train, whoops! Really enjoyed the lecture as usual, since Thursdays are my favourite days. Then met Emily and went back to her flat for a few hours for some lunch before meeting Sammie, Max and Dan back at uni to go to Dan’s for just a chilled night with some pizza. We laughed so much that night that my ribs actually ached, always a sign of a good night. We also discovered Max’s hidden guitar talent, after just playing with it for about 5 minutes and strumming a few chords here and there it all started ‘coming back to him’, it didn’t start coming back to him, he’s a guitar genius in cognito. After banging out a few tunes, including his rendition of Big Issue, him and Dan did a little duet which was cute, and he ‘gave’ Dan a chord progression he’s made up (how kind of you Max). He also surprised us then with Paul McCartney’s Blackbird, because he’s “not that good”.  Sammie also finally showed us her ‘fit’ rendition of the Arthur theme tune, blew us all away, and that’s not even sarcasm ;). It was all going swimmingly until I decided to eat a hazelnut wafer thing, of which I had an allergic reaction too, London 4 – Lauren 1. I probably should have stopped eating it when my mouth started to tingle after the first bite, but no, I eat half of it before thinking it might be a good idea to stop eating it, well done Lau, you absolute genius. After eventually getting home, I got straight into bed really after having some water because I just felt grim.

I woke up Friday morning with the hopes of going to uni because we had two guest speakers but I still felt quite ill so I emailed to say I wouldn’t be in and told my friends before going back to sleep until about mid afternoon. I did feel a lot better after sleeping practically all day and so I did chill with them for a bit before getting back into bed and going back to sleep. Wild.

Saturday saw the arrival of Queen Jackie to London town. We met at Victoria bus station at 3:30 when her bus came in and wandered over to Picadilly circus and went for an early dinner at Prezzo and having a catch up before coming back to the flat for the evening, watched some of the programmes that we would usually watch together at home i.e Rizzoli and Isles and had lots of tea and biscuits before going to sleep!


Sunday we woke up and took our time to get ready before making our way over to Croydon to go and have some lunch with my Auntie, Queen Jackie’s sister. We had a lovely lunch and they caught up with the goss. We were only out for a few hours since we were both super tired so we slowly made our way back to the flat before having a chill night again. I caught up on the lecture I missed on Friday before putting our jammies on and watching the Hobbit. Mum was practically asleep by 9 so I went into Lily’s room and spoke to Kyle on the phone on his break and then watched more PLL, (told you I’m hooked) and then fell to sleep. Seems to be all I’ve done in the past week, slept.

Monday we took our time getting ready again, just mooched around the flat in the morning before heading over to Westfields for some lunch in Las Iguanas. Took Mum to Green Park station then so she could change to get back to Victoria and then went to uni. I was like an hour and a half early for my lecture so I just went over my notes in the common room before bumping into Dan and sitting with him for about an hour chatting, Max joined us then as well. I think I finally understand business and finance as well so I’m really happy with that, getting there slowly. Monday was also Chips (Sarah) birthday so me and Em decided we would decorate the corner of the pub we usually sit in with balloons and banners, and we got her a big birthday badge as well. Turned out really well as well, we told her to get there for 8 so we would have an hour to set up, and she thought it was just going to be me, her and Em but we’d rallied up the usual suspects and surprised her! I think she enjoyed herself, I hope she did anyway!

Today I slept for most of the day #studentlife, see, it’s like all I do these days! And then went to meet a few of the girls and Ollie at the pub for a quiet drink.

LAUREN IS COMING TO VISIT TOMORROW! And no, I’m not talking about myself, uni hasn’t driven me that crazy quite yet. Lauren who I work with at the Village, she’s coming early tomorrow and staying until Friday and I cannot wait to show her around London and introduce her to my fab uni friends. We’re going to have so much fun.

Hope you all have a fabulous week, and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx


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