I went home!

Welcome back to my little cwtch,

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week! I WENT HOME THIS WEEKEND AND IT WAS THE BEST.

When I left you last I had the best business and finance lecture and I was stupidly excited because I finally understood it, then this week we had a test and it completely set me back about 10 steps! It’s not that I didn’t understand what was going on because I did but it was so confusing, who on earth would decide that they would like to spend their life looking at how other people spend their money/money they don’t have (no offence to any accountants out there).

Anyway Wednesday i spent at the flat just chilling, doing some tidying and cleaning and sorting, general pretending to adult things. In the evening was round two of the Amersham Arms open mic night that Dan was actually singing in, not the open mic night that i thought he was singing in but was actually at the wrong one. This time Lily came along with Isla, Ashley and Kyle and joined in, sang two songs.

Thursday was so cute because I went to my lecture 10-1 and then went to meet Mabli in Covent Garden because she was on a school trip to see The Woman in Black. I snuck behind a really tall guy as I was walking up to her because I didn’t want her to see me, and I jumped out and gave her the biggest hug ever. I’ve missed her so much and I gave her the biggest cwtch I think I’ve ever gave her. We then went and found a cute little French cafe and had a croissant and a cake, courtesy of Mabli because you know, being a student and all! Anyway, we sat there for about 45 minutes and caught up on the gossip and spoke about how excited we were to celebrate her 18th birthday on the weekend. 2:15 came and I walked Mabs back over to where they were meeting the school and surprised Marc and Dona (feels weird calling teachers by their first names, hey Marc and Dona!) which was lovely! I was expecting then to get the tube home and sort some stuff out before meeting the squad and hitting karaoke night at what is now our local. BUT, they had four or five spare tickets, so, guess who went to see The Woman in Black and jumped out of her skin? ME! It was so good but so jumpy at the same time. Once that was finished I jumped on the tube and went home to sort some things out and do some washing before going to karaoke as I said. Karaoke was, interesting to say the least, the man who was in charge of it all seemed to do more singing than the general public!

I was so incredibly excited on Friday then because I WAS GOING HOME!!! Flew through my lectures and grabbed my bag and ran to meet Lil at Victoria Coach Station. Jumped on the coach after watching some high dramas for the woman on the coach in front of us, and hurtled down the M4 towards God’s country. Myself and Lily decided to get ready for Mabli’s party on the bus, now that was interesting. We took it in turns to shine the torch on my phone on each others faces so we could see what we were doing in the mirror since the top lights weren’t working. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the best my make up has looked in a long long time. I may have suffocated my Dad when I saw him at the bus station because I squeezed my arms around him so tight. I changed into my Mario costume in the car and headed off to the party. It was a fabulous night and I’m glad she enjoyed the night as much as she did, she looked beautiful as Marilyn as well.fullsizeoutput_62d.jpeg

Layla picked me up from the party and took me straight to the Village so I could surprise Kira while she was working, managed to see my little Loz as well! She’s coming to visit next week I’m so excited!!!! I loved seeing everyone and it really makes you realise how much you miss them when you see them after such a long time. We were there for about 45 minutes and then we went for our traditional McFlurry and catch up in the car park before dropping me home about 2:30am.

Being back in the God send that is my wonderful bed at home was blissful and I slept like an absolute baby. Woke up on Saturday with enough time that I could see Queen Jackie before going to visit Gran and Bamps’ house, being reunited with Auntie Al and Uncle Damon and Jamie after you know, missing my train and changing plans completely. Spent the day being fed and catching up before going home to get ready to take Mabli into town for the first time. Well, we had a lovely pre drinks and a good little boogie before all hell broke loose. Mabli was spiked we think because she was an absolute mess and was taken to hospital because she was paralytic, but that wouldn’t have been possible off the amount she had drunk. As if that wasn’t enough drama, Alex was then kicked out for being too drunk so he was fuming. After talking him down I just wanted to go home after all of the drama, and this is only at 1 o’clock in the morning. So I rang Queen Jackie and she came to my aid and took me back to my wonderful bed once more. We had a fabulous night until then so not all was lost!

I slept in the morning before having breakfast with Mum and Dad. I had then arranged to meet with three of my favourite people in the whole world, Shelley, Beth and Kyle up at the Village at 1 for a coffee and a catch up. Shelley wasn’t very well at all this weekend so she couldn’t come :(. So I met with Beth at 1 for an hour before Kyle was supposed to join us at 2, but he was running late and didn’t get there until 2:30 so I only got to see him for about 10 minutes before going home to have Sunday dinner with the fam before jumping on my 5:20 bus back to the big smoke.

It was so amazing to be home for the weekend and it really makes you miss everyone more now that I’ve spent time with them again.

Monday was the start of a very spontaneous week. We went for a few cheeky beverages at our local while the boys watched the football and then decided to hit town! We knew that a club called XOYO had free entry before 11 and it was only £3 after that, but, we got the and it was heaving, there were people who had been in the queue for an hour and a half. No way where we waiting in that so we made our way over to Piccadilly and headed to the Piccadilly Institute which was a really good night!

The spontaneity continued today when within an hour of being in Camden Ems decided to get a tattoo. So that’s one thing ticked off my bucket list, going with someone to get a tattoo done!

So that has been my week, I hope you’ve had a fabulous week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx


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