Three more sleeps.

Hello, welcome back!

Well I’ve had a very chill week to be fair. When I left you last it was the night before I went to spend the day with my family. We had the best day. I travelled to my Aunties and she showed me her new flat, which is very swanky and modern by the way. We then walked through Croydon town centre and picked up some bits for lunch, so we got some salad stuff and some pasta and garlic bread. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh that sounds like a nice, healthy, light lunch.”, that’s what I thought too, before my Auntie said “We’ll just pick up some chicken shall we? To have with our salad. “. Fabulous I thought, really healthy lunch, oh no, where did we get the chicken from? KFC! Yes, KFC, Kentucky fried chicken. So that was all hopes of a healthy lunch down the drain, because the bucket of chicken we bought also came with four portions of chips, and it would’ve bee rude to waste them now wouldn’t it. Well it was very tasty nonetheless. This was the day that I also met my baby cousin, Keivah, for the first time which was amazing. She was so smiley and happy and so so so so so cute! She’s a proper little chubby baby with big cheeks and little chunky thighs bless her. I put her down for a nap, because I’m a top cousin (and the baby whisperer) and we just chilled and watched TV mostly which was lovely, before going to pick up her older brother, my other cousin, Kaiel from school. He was quite unsure about me at first because it’s been two years since I saw him last, but within about 30 seconds he wrapped his arms around my legs and gave me the biggest cwtch and my heart just melted. He’s grown up so quickly, and he’s so funny, ask him anything and his answer is yes. This was kind of how our conversation went.

I’ll set the scene first. *clears throat*

Lauren and Kaiel are walking down the street hand in hand when Lauren looks down at him and asks; 

L: Did you have a good day in school today Kai?

K: Yes.

L: What did you do?

K: Yes.

L: You did yes?

K: Yes.

You get the picture. He was so tired after doing yes all day that we practically dragged him home, but once we were back and he’d had a snack (a chocolate bar or two provided by my Auntie, his Nan) he had all the energy in the world. He was getting all his toys out and whizzing around the room, and saying a lot more than “Yes.”. I sadly then had to leave about 5, because I was going to watch Dan sing at an open mic night, which I was taking Lily to. Well, that’s what was supposed to be the plan. I went to an open mic night, Lily was there, she saw someone she knew from Cardiff who she knew, that did perform, but I didn’t see Dan sing, why? Because I went to the wrong place didn’t I! Well done Lau, you absolute nut! London 4 – Lauren 1. Dan sang really well though, apparently 🙂 No, I did see the video of him singing and he did do really well and I spoke to him after lecture on Thursday and he really enjoyed himself which is always good.

Thursday then I had lectures 10-1, which was my Artist Development lecture, my favourite, and I really had my music head on on Thursday so I feel like I really worked hard and participated a lot in the lesson which was an amazing feeling.

I didn’t socialise a lot last week with my friends (I apologise again) but because I had done so much the two weeks before and been ill I just wanted a week to just chill a bit more and find some sort of routine or rhythm and make sure I was fully recovered. And it worked! I relaxed all week really, when I wasn’t in uni. Cleaned the flat through a few times (unleashing the hardcore on you early in the post because I think you’re all well adjusted by now). Did a lot of washing, booked my tickets to come home this weekend (OMG YAY), sorted a few bits and bobs out, emailed some people and just mooched about a bit which was so refreshing.

Friday then, I had lectures 10-4 and then ALEX WAS HERE!!!! I was so excited all week and I think my friends might’ve had enough of hearing me say how excited I was because I must’ve said it hundreds of times, and that’s not even an exaggeration. So after my lecture I met Alex and Taryn at Stratford and walked them back to my flat for the evening. Of which Alex wasn’t impressed by the walk and hung his bag from his forehead. But once we got in and settled it was lovely! I was so happy to have a massive chunk of home with me at my home away from home (referring to Alex as the massive chunk, because he is one, physically). How many times can I say home? That night we were practically straight into our pj’s and ordering food. We were amazed by the fact that we could have TGI’s delivered through Deliveroo. The wonders of the 21st century eh? Alex kindly payed for it, I am a student after all. And we settled and went to sleep, they were lights out by 11 o’clock. I slept in Lily’s bed Friday night because she was at her boyfriends house and Alex and Taryn had my bed.

Saturday then, I get a text from Alex demanding that I make them breakfast since I had taken sausages and bacon out of the freezer, so that’s what I did because I’m a top sister. So we chowed down on that and then they got ready and went off shopping for the day. If you know Alex, you’ll know that, everywhere he goes, he comes in like a hurricane and things just end up everywhere and the room will look like a bomb has gone off, so that’s how i spent my Saturday, tidying his mess! After I did that and cleaned the bathroom, since they had both showered, I showered myself and washed my hair (#returnofthefro), I changed into a fresh pair of pyjamas and made a huge mistake… Now, a lot of people my age have been watching a series called Pretty Little Liars, PLL for short, for a good few years now and I’ve never really got into it. Mabli has been nagging me for ages to watch a huge list of different things, PLL being the major one. So I did. Do I regret it? Nope! Will it effect my social life? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. It’s such a good programme and every episode ends on a cliff hanger so you have to watch the next one. I’m addicted and I love it. About seven o’clock i got a text from Alex asking if I’d like to join him and Taryn for dinner, of course I would, so I did. We went to Pizza Express with vouchers that Mum had sorted for us, got there, and they didn’t accept them, of course! So Alex bought me a second meal this weekend. We came home afterwards and Alex and Taryn were very tired from all their shopping antics and money spending so they were straight to bed and practically straight to sleep!

Saturday was also my best friend Mabli’s 18th birthday!!!!! HOW IS SHE EIGHTEEN PLEASE PEOPLE?! But she’s grown to be a fantastically beautiful young woman. I’m so excited to see her and I had a lovely FaceTime conversation with her before she sang on the Millennium Centre Stage alongside Bryn Terfel. (Round of applause please) Here’s my favourite photo of me and the bean.


Sunday, they left me 😦 I had so much fun having them stay with me and did make me extra super excited to come home this weekend, did add to my homesickness but I didn’t mind that much because I’m coming home la la la la la!

Monday was back to normality then, had my Business and Finance lecture at 4pm until 7pm, and I understood it!!! Yay! Finally, I’m starting to get it. After the lecture finished I was so hyper because I was so excited to finally understand and I was so excited to be back out with my friends again. I joined back in with our squads shenanigans last night and it was so lovely to be back with them and I’ve definitely missed them a lot. We laughed so much and it was just so lovely to be back.

Next weeks post is going to be so exciting because I’m going home this weekend and I have a jam packed schedule already so I’m looking forward to letting you all in on what I get up to!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week, I did, and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx


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