Just another week :)

Hello everyone!

I felt like last weeks post was a bit rubbish so I apologise for that.

I hope you’ve all had a good week, this week wasn’t as spontaneous as last week unfortunately. But it was still good! Wednesday I woke up at Emily’s, because I’d slept there the night before, not just waking up in random people’s houses. Myself, Emily and her friend from home, Ella went for some lunch at a cafe near hers once she’d finished in uni (me and Ella chilled in her bed while she had a 9am start, soz Em) and then myself and Ella got the overground back to Stratford so she could get her train back home and I could go home to my flat. I basically spent the rest of the day mooching around the flat, doing some tidying and some uni work before going to the year 12’s at Lily’s college’s first gig of the term which was really good. I really contemplated not going because I was so tired but I’m really glad I went. Myself, Lily and her friend Star then walked back to the flat and chatted in the kitchen for a couple of hours before I went to bed and watched a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars (I’m hooked) and fell to sleep.

Thursday, I woke up and went to my lecture at 10am, I did almost miss my stop though because I nearly fell asleep on my train, whoops! Really enjoyed the lecture as usual, since Thursdays are my favourite days. Then met Emily and went back to her flat for a few hours for some lunch before meeting Sammie, Max and Dan back at uni to go to Dan’s for just a chilled night with some pizza. We laughed so much that night that my ribs actually ached, always a sign of a good night. We also discovered Max’s hidden guitar talent, after just playing with it for about 5 minutes and strumming a few chords here and there it all started ‘coming back to him’, it didn’t start coming back to him, he’s a guitar genius in cognito. After banging out a few tunes, including his rendition of Big Issue, him and Dan did a little duet which was cute, and he ‘gave’ Dan a chord progression he’s made up (how kind of you Max). He also surprised us then with Paul McCartney’s Blackbird, because he’s “not that good”.  Sammie also finally showed us her ‘fit’ rendition of the Arthur theme tune, blew us all away, and that’s not even sarcasm ;). It was all going swimmingly until I decided to eat a hazelnut wafer thing, of which I had an allergic reaction too, London 4 – Lauren 1. I probably should have stopped eating it when my mouth started to tingle after the first bite, but no, I eat half of it before thinking it might be a good idea to stop eating it, well done Lau, you absolute genius. After eventually getting home, I got straight into bed really after having some water because I just felt grim.

I woke up Friday morning with the hopes of going to uni because we had two guest speakers but I still felt quite ill so I emailed to say I wouldn’t be in and told my friends before going back to sleep until about mid afternoon. I did feel a lot better after sleeping practically all day and so I did chill with them for a bit before getting back into bed and going back to sleep. Wild.

Saturday saw the arrival of Queen Jackie to London town. We met at Victoria bus station at 3:30 when her bus came in and wandered over to Picadilly circus and went for an early dinner at Prezzo and having a catch up before coming back to the flat for the evening, watched some of the programmes that we would usually watch together at home i.e Rizzoli and Isles and had lots of tea and biscuits before going to sleep!


Sunday we woke up and took our time to get ready before making our way over to Croydon to go and have some lunch with my Auntie, Queen Jackie’s sister. We had a lovely lunch and they caught up with the goss. We were only out for a few hours since we were both super tired so we slowly made our way back to the flat before having a chill night again. I caught up on the lecture I missed on Friday before putting our jammies on and watching the Hobbit. Mum was practically asleep by 9 so I went into Lily’s room and spoke to Kyle on the phone on his break and then watched more PLL, (told you I’m hooked) and then fell to sleep. Seems to be all I’ve done in the past week, slept.

Monday we took our time getting ready again, just mooched around the flat in the morning before heading over to Westfields for some lunch in Las Iguanas. Took Mum to Green Park station then so she could change to get back to Victoria and then went to uni. I was like an hour and a half early for my lecture so I just went over my notes in the common room before bumping into Dan and sitting with him for about an hour chatting, Max joined us then as well. I think I finally understand business and finance as well so I’m really happy with that, getting there slowly. Monday was also Chips (Sarah) birthday so me and Em decided we would decorate the corner of the pub we usually sit in with balloons and banners, and we got her a big birthday badge as well. Turned out really well as well, we told her to get there for 8 so we would have an hour to set up, and she thought it was just going to be me, her and Em but we’d rallied up the usual suspects and surprised her! I think she enjoyed herself, I hope she did anyway!

Today I slept for most of the day #studentlife, see, it’s like all I do these days! And then went to meet a few of the girls and Ollie at the pub for a quiet drink.

LAUREN IS COMING TO VISIT TOMORROW! And no, I’m not talking about myself, uni hasn’t driven me that crazy quite yet. Lauren who I work with at the Village, she’s coming early tomorrow and staying until Friday and I cannot wait to show her around London and introduce her to my fab uni friends. We’re going to have so much fun.

Hope you all have a fabulous week, and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx


I went home!

Welcome back to my little cwtch,

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week! I WENT HOME THIS WEEKEND AND IT WAS THE BEST.

When I left you last I had the best business and finance lecture and I was stupidly excited because I finally understood it, then this week we had a test and it completely set me back about 10 steps! It’s not that I didn’t understand what was going on because I did but it was so confusing, who on earth would decide that they would like to spend their life looking at how other people spend their money/money they don’t have (no offence to any accountants out there).

Anyway Wednesday i spent at the flat just chilling, doing some tidying and cleaning and sorting, general pretending to adult things. In the evening was round two of the Amersham Arms open mic night that Dan was actually singing in, not the open mic night that i thought he was singing in but was actually at the wrong one. This time Lily came along with Isla, Ashley and Kyle and joined in, sang two songs.

Thursday was so cute because I went to my lecture 10-1 and then went to meet Mabli in Covent Garden because she was on a school trip to see The Woman in Black. I snuck behind a really tall guy as I was walking up to her because I didn’t want her to see me, and I jumped out and gave her the biggest hug ever. I’ve missed her so much and I gave her the biggest cwtch I think I’ve ever gave her. We then went and found a cute little French cafe and had a croissant and a cake, courtesy of Mabli because you know, being a student and all! Anyway, we sat there for about 45 minutes and caught up on the gossip and spoke about how excited we were to celebrate her 18th birthday on the weekend. 2:15 came and I walked Mabs back over to where they were meeting the school and surprised Marc and Dona (feels weird calling teachers by their first names, hey Marc and Dona!) which was lovely! I was expecting then to get the tube home and sort some stuff out before meeting the squad and hitting karaoke night at what is now our local. BUT, they had four or five spare tickets, so, guess who went to see The Woman in Black and jumped out of her skin? ME! It was so good but so jumpy at the same time. Once that was finished I jumped on the tube and went home to sort some things out and do some washing before going to karaoke as I said. Karaoke was, interesting to say the least, the man who was in charge of it all seemed to do more singing than the general public!

I was so incredibly excited on Friday then because I WAS GOING HOME!!! Flew through my lectures and grabbed my bag and ran to meet Lil at Victoria Coach Station. Jumped on the coach after watching some high dramas for the woman on the coach in front of us, and hurtled down the M4 towards God’s country. Myself and Lily decided to get ready for Mabli’s party on the bus, now that was interesting. We took it in turns to shine the torch on my phone on each others faces so we could see what we were doing in the mirror since the top lights weren’t working. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the best my make up has looked in a long long time. I may have suffocated my Dad when I saw him at the bus station because I squeezed my arms around him so tight. I changed into my Mario costume in the car and headed off to the party. It was a fabulous night and I’m glad she enjoyed the night as much as she did, she looked beautiful as Marilyn as well.fullsizeoutput_62d.jpeg

Layla picked me up from the party and took me straight to the Village so I could surprise Kira while she was working, managed to see my little Loz as well! She’s coming to visit next week I’m so excited!!!! I loved seeing everyone and it really makes you realise how much you miss them when you see them after such a long time. We were there for about 45 minutes and then we went for our traditional McFlurry and catch up in the car park before dropping me home about 2:30am.

Being back in the God send that is my wonderful bed at home was blissful and I slept like an absolute baby. Woke up on Saturday with enough time that I could see Queen Jackie before going to visit Gran and Bamps’ house, being reunited with Auntie Al and Uncle Damon and Jamie after you know, missing my train and changing plans completely. Spent the day being fed and catching up before going home to get ready to take Mabli into town for the first time. Well, we had a lovely pre drinks and a good little boogie before all hell broke loose. Mabli was spiked we think because she was an absolute mess and was taken to hospital because she was paralytic, but that wouldn’t have been possible off the amount she had drunk. As if that wasn’t enough drama, Alex was then kicked out for being too drunk so he was fuming. After talking him down I just wanted to go home after all of the drama, and this is only at 1 o’clock in the morning. So I rang Queen Jackie and she came to my aid and took me back to my wonderful bed once more. We had a fabulous night until then so not all was lost!

I slept in the morning before having breakfast with Mum and Dad. I had then arranged to meet with three of my favourite people in the whole world, Shelley, Beth and Kyle up at the Village at 1 for a coffee and a catch up. Shelley wasn’t very well at all this weekend so she couldn’t come :(. So I met with Beth at 1 for an hour before Kyle was supposed to join us at 2, but he was running late and didn’t get there until 2:30 so I only got to see him for about 10 minutes before going home to have Sunday dinner with the fam before jumping on my 5:20 bus back to the big smoke.

It was so amazing to be home for the weekend and it really makes you miss everyone more now that I’ve spent time with them again.

Monday was the start of a very spontaneous week. We went for a few cheeky beverages at our local while the boys watched the football and then decided to hit town! We knew that a club called XOYO had free entry before 11 and it was only £3 after that, but, we got the and it was heaving, there were people who had been in the queue for an hour and a half. No way where we waiting in that so we made our way over to Piccadilly and headed to the Piccadilly Institute which was a really good night!

The spontaneity continued today when within an hour of being in Camden Ems decided to get a tattoo. So that’s one thing ticked off my bucket list, going with someone to get a tattoo done!

So that has been my week, I hope you’ve had a fabulous week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx

Three more sleeps.

Hello, welcome back!

Well I’ve had a very chill week to be fair. When I left you last it was the night before I went to spend the day with my family. We had the best day. I travelled to my Aunties and she showed me her new flat, which is very swanky and modern by the way. We then walked through Croydon town centre and picked up some bits for lunch, so we got some salad stuff and some pasta and garlic bread. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh that sounds like a nice, healthy, light lunch.”, that’s what I thought too, before my Auntie said “We’ll just pick up some chicken shall we? To have with our salad. “. Fabulous I thought, really healthy lunch, oh no, where did we get the chicken from? KFC! Yes, KFC, Kentucky fried chicken. So that was all hopes of a healthy lunch down the drain, because the bucket of chicken we bought also came with four portions of chips, and it would’ve bee rude to waste them now wouldn’t it. Well it was very tasty nonetheless. This was the day that I also met my baby cousin, Keivah, for the first time which was amazing. She was so smiley and happy and so so so so so cute! She’s a proper little chubby baby with big cheeks and little chunky thighs bless her. I put her down for a nap, because I’m a top cousin (and the baby whisperer) and we just chilled and watched TV mostly which was lovely, before going to pick up her older brother, my other cousin, Kaiel from school. He was quite unsure about me at first because it’s been two years since I saw him last, but within about 30 seconds he wrapped his arms around my legs and gave me the biggest cwtch and my heart just melted. He’s grown up so quickly, and he’s so funny, ask him anything and his answer is yes. This was kind of how our conversation went.

I’ll set the scene first. *clears throat*

Lauren and Kaiel are walking down the street hand in hand when Lauren looks down at him and asks; 

L: Did you have a good day in school today Kai?

K: Yes.

L: What did you do?

K: Yes.

L: You did yes?

K: Yes.

You get the picture. He was so tired after doing yes all day that we practically dragged him home, but once we were back and he’d had a snack (a chocolate bar or two provided by my Auntie, his Nan) he had all the energy in the world. He was getting all his toys out and whizzing around the room, and saying a lot more than “Yes.”. I sadly then had to leave about 5, because I was going to watch Dan sing at an open mic night, which I was taking Lily to. Well, that’s what was supposed to be the plan. I went to an open mic night, Lily was there, she saw someone she knew from Cardiff who she knew, that did perform, but I didn’t see Dan sing, why? Because I went to the wrong place didn’t I! Well done Lau, you absolute nut! London 4 – Lauren 1. Dan sang really well though, apparently 🙂 No, I did see the video of him singing and he did do really well and I spoke to him after lecture on Thursday and he really enjoyed himself which is always good.

Thursday then I had lectures 10-1, which was my Artist Development lecture, my favourite, and I really had my music head on on Thursday so I feel like I really worked hard and participated a lot in the lesson which was an amazing feeling.

I didn’t socialise a lot last week with my friends (I apologise again) but because I had done so much the two weeks before and been ill I just wanted a week to just chill a bit more and find some sort of routine or rhythm and make sure I was fully recovered. And it worked! I relaxed all week really, when I wasn’t in uni. Cleaned the flat through a few times (unleashing the hardcore on you early in the post because I think you’re all well adjusted by now). Did a lot of washing, booked my tickets to come home this weekend (OMG YAY), sorted a few bits and bobs out, emailed some people and just mooched about a bit which was so refreshing.

Friday then, I had lectures 10-4 and then ALEX WAS HERE!!!! I was so excited all week and I think my friends might’ve had enough of hearing me say how excited I was because I must’ve said it hundreds of times, and that’s not even an exaggeration. So after my lecture I met Alex and Taryn at Stratford and walked them back to my flat for the evening. Of which Alex wasn’t impressed by the walk and hung his bag from his forehead. But once we got in and settled it was lovely! I was so happy to have a massive chunk of home with me at my home away from home (referring to Alex as the massive chunk, because he is one, physically). How many times can I say home? That night we were practically straight into our pj’s and ordering food. We were amazed by the fact that we could have TGI’s delivered through Deliveroo. The wonders of the 21st century eh? Alex kindly payed for it, I am a student after all. And we settled and went to sleep, they were lights out by 11 o’clock. I slept in Lily’s bed Friday night because she was at her boyfriends house and Alex and Taryn had my bed.

Saturday then, I get a text from Alex demanding that I make them breakfast since I had taken sausages and bacon out of the freezer, so that’s what I did because I’m a top sister. So we chowed down on that and then they got ready and went off shopping for the day. If you know Alex, you’ll know that, everywhere he goes, he comes in like a hurricane and things just end up everywhere and the room will look like a bomb has gone off, so that’s how i spent my Saturday, tidying his mess! After I did that and cleaned the bathroom, since they had both showered, I showered myself and washed my hair (#returnofthefro), I changed into a fresh pair of pyjamas and made a huge mistake… Now, a lot of people my age have been watching a series called Pretty Little Liars, PLL for short, for a good few years now and I’ve never really got into it. Mabli has been nagging me for ages to watch a huge list of different things, PLL being the major one. So I did. Do I regret it? Nope! Will it effect my social life? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. It’s such a good programme and every episode ends on a cliff hanger so you have to watch the next one. I’m addicted and I love it. About seven o’clock i got a text from Alex asking if I’d like to join him and Taryn for dinner, of course I would, so I did. We went to Pizza Express with vouchers that Mum had sorted for us, got there, and they didn’t accept them, of course! So Alex bought me a second meal this weekend. We came home afterwards and Alex and Taryn were very tired from all their shopping antics and money spending so they were straight to bed and practically straight to sleep!

Saturday was also my best friend Mabli’s 18th birthday!!!!! HOW IS SHE EIGHTEEN PLEASE PEOPLE?! But she’s grown to be a fantastically beautiful young woman. I’m so excited to see her and I had a lovely FaceTime conversation with her before she sang on the Millennium Centre Stage alongside Bryn Terfel. (Round of applause please) Here’s my favourite photo of me and the bean.


Sunday, they left me 😦 I had so much fun having them stay with me and did make me extra super excited to come home this weekend, did add to my homesickness but I didn’t mind that much because I’m coming home la la la la la!

Monday was back to normality then, had my Business and Finance lecture at 4pm until 7pm, and I understood it!!! Yay! Finally, I’m starting to get it. After the lecture finished I was so hyper because I was so excited to finally understand and I was so excited to be back out with my friends again. I joined back in with our squads shenanigans last night and it was so lovely to be back with them and I’ve definitely missed them a lot. We laughed so much and it was just so lovely to be back.

Next weeks post is going to be so exciting because I’m going home this weekend and I have a jam packed schedule already so I’m looking forward to letting you all in on what I get up to!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week, I did, and I’ll speak to you soon.

Lols xx

Home comforts.


Well what an eventful week it has been. Wednesday evening myself and my group of friends went to one of the last freshers events (cry), which was Bandeoke. It was karaoke basically but you formed bands instead of singing horrendously in front of your fellow students. When we arrived they were handing out the sign up sheet and you just popped your name and instrument/vocals next to whatever you wanted to perform as the set list they had prepared. I didn’t sign up for anything, obviously! People kept coming up to me and asking “have you signed up for anything?” and my instant reply was “ummm no, I’m a business student”. I would say about 80 percent of the people who approached me gave me an “ohhhhhhhhh” with a slight grin and the international sign known as the head bob. It was a really good evening, with everything from Stevie Wonders Superstition to Prince’s Purple Rain to Electric Six’s Gay Bar. Despite sweating probably half of my body weight off during the evening because it was so hot to say i thoroughly enjoyed myself would be an understatement. Myself, Emily and Tom then made our way to the tube together while shouting the lyrics to Gay Bar as we walked down the street.

I arrived home quite late, which the next morning I realised was a big mistake. I had a lecture at 10am didn’t I? Well done Lau, London 2 – Lauren 0. I peeled myself out of bed and got ready, I’m pretty sure I was still half asleep while putting on my make up, so God knows what I looked like that day. The lecture was thoroughly enjoyable. We spent it just talking basically and sharing our opinions on different music news articles from the previous week. We started by introducing ourselves to Ian (our lecturer) and finding out a bit more about his career history, which is very impressive may I add. After that lecture, I came straight home, just reinforcing my hardcore student life.

Friday swiftly came along and it was another 10am start, of which I was late. I knew I was running late but I was so tired that I couldn’t be bothered to rush so I just took my sweet time. I did however manage to get to my lecture with one minute to spare! London 2 – Lauren 1. I wasn’t feeling very well on Friday, from the moment I woke up I felt a bit rough and a bit groggy but I powered through. As the day progressed I just started to feel worse and worse. My insides weren’t my friend and I was exhausted by the time lectures finished at 4. Friday night was the last event on the 2016 Freshers calendar, the neon paint party. I was so excited for this all week, but I missed out because I had to go home and just rest. I was absolutely gutted but thankful for the weekend I spent in bed.

I’m not very good at judging my limits, especially with my JDM. Even though I’ve had it now for four years I still haven’t perfected the art of knowing my boundaries and I’ve had such a hectic three weeks with having my last week at The Village Hotel before leaving for London (where I work in case you didn’t know), doing the muddy run with my favourite ladies, moving up to the ‘Big Smoke’, and two weeks of Freshers, late nights, early mornings and a lot of travelling around. So that’s how I spent my hardcore weekend as a student, in bed, fast asleep. Now anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love to sleep, I could sleep for Wales, but not when it’s the only thing you can do because you are physically too tired to do anything useful! London 3 – Lauren 1 (< that score has jumped loads in this post in comparison to previous posts).

Everyone I’ve met who’ve either been through uni or are experiencing it at the moment has told me that if you haven’t felt homesick, the moment you come down with a cold, or feel unwell is the moment it’ll hit you. Now, I haven’t felt homesick in a sense (yet anyway, but let’s not wish it upon ourselves), but I do miss my friends and family at home a lot, it’s the people who make home, home. And although I’m surrounded by my best friend who I’m fortunate enough to be living with, but a big bunch of amazing new people (ICMP Seshers as we like to call ourselves), home is where the heart is and my heart is with my family and friends in Cardiff. Because I knew this and I knew I was getting ill/run down I tried to combat it by surrounding myself with as many home comforts as I could. I lit all of my candles, to remind myself of my Mum, Queen Jackie, because she loves a good candle and always lights them to make the house feel homely and cosy, and it’s a homely scent for me which I found comfort in. While in bed on Saturday I spent a good hour plus on FaceTime to my family while they were up my Gran and Bamps’ house. (Hi Auntie Al and Uncle Damon, bit of publicity for you both here 😉 ).fullsizeoutput_4ff.jpeg

I went into my Business and Finance lecture on Monday full of confidence after Friday’s successful lesson in which I’d built my confidence a little bit, just to be put back in place and be reminded that I have not the slightest idea about how business and finance works, and yes I know that’s what I’m there to learn but it’s different when you go into something where you have no idea whatsoever how it works. Spent my evening being delirious at the flat with Lily and Isla before settling in bed with an episode of Rizzoli and Isles. HARDCORE!

Had to pop into uni today to chat with a member of the wellbeing team about the joys of JDM but I was home at a reasonable enough time that I completely bleached the kitchen and mopped the floor, bleached and cleaned my bathroom and then polished and swept and cleaned my room. Now I understand that this amount of hardcore-ness (yes it’s a word) might be a lot to take in and I apologise but I just can’t help it!

Tomorrow I’m seeing family which I’m super excited for because I get to meet my baby cousin of four months foe the first time. YAY! And I’m off to see Dan sing at an open mic event in the evening and Lily is coming with me which will be really fun I’m sure.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week/day and I’ll fill you in next week.

Speak to you soon,

Lols xx