Still pretending.

I’ve done over a full week in London by now and so far so good! I’m still pretending to be an adult, I think I’m doing pretty well (seriously I’m getting quite good at it).

So last time I left you it was Tuesday and I was extremely excited for, as I called her, my ‘surrogate sister’ to come and visit. We had the BEST time. Layla has never really done London before, only journeys to go to a specific place so I thought it would be nice to show her some of the sights. I went and picked her up from Victoria coach station on Wednesday evening and made our way over to the underground to get her very own Oyster card (which she was very excited about). We spent the night just chilling really, showed her the flat and we drank tea and ate biscuits because we’re crazy 19/20 year olds.

Thursday morning we spent watching Gavin and Stacey in bed and when we finally got washed and made ourselves look human we headed out for the day. As it was still absolutely boiling hot we spent 3 hours just sitting in Hyde Park eating ice cream and catching up, and most importantly, people watching. By about 4 o’clock we decided to go for a wander and see some sights. We headed down towards the Marble Arch and were ambushed by people on bikes and watched some people throw wellies around in the park (i know, weird!). We walked and walked and finally got to Buckingham Palace so say hello to my bestie, Queenie. The woman wasn’t home, rude. After watching the guards walk around weirdly for about twenty minutes, which Layla found absolutely hilarious, we turned to face the monument in front of the Palace to see a man proposing to his girlfriend! It was t
he cutest thing ever!

I feel like I’m not very good at writing/articulating/this whole blogging malarkey so I apologise!

IMG_0497.jpgAfter walking around for about an hour and a half/two hours, because I can’t read google maps apparently, we’d seen Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and the London Eye,
we finally made it
to Pizza Express which was a relief considering how hungry we were.

Standard picture of me and my food.

We entered then what I like to call a ‘food coma’ so we decided to head home. On our way home we entered a slight delirium because we were so tired and found it hilarious that a man was just walking down the street casually eating a six-pack of cheese string.

We were so so tired by the time we got home so had a really chilled night in the kitchen with Lil and her boyfriend Radu and shared a bottle of prosecco and just had a really lovely night!

Then Friday came around and Layla had to go home (on what would turn out to be a 7 hour coach journey instead of 3 and a half!). It was horrible to have to see her go home because it felt like I’d never had to leave her in the first place but we had the best time and it made me so excited to have more guests in the coming weeks. One of my closest friends, Lauren (no I’m not talking about myself) is coming to stay with me for the weekend which I am so excited about!

On Saturday I spent the day just mooching around the flat, did a bit of cleaning and then got ready and went to finally meet up with some people from my uni for the first time and finally make some friends (at last, yayyy). We had an amazing night and ended up dancing until the early hours. Sunday night kicked off our freshers with our first event, it was a comedy and social night. Comedy wasn’t the best but what can you do eh? Some people just aren’t as funny as you find yourself you know? I’ve found two welshies which is the best thing, one of which actually speaks Welsh. Bonus!

Yesterday was induction and we got to meet a few of our course mates and chatted to our course leaders. We spent the rest of the day just travelling around London and seeing some sights before heading the 02 Academy in Islington to a freshers gig to get a feel for what’s to come in the next three years and it was amazing! I could feel the excitement to work my hardest over the next couple just completely washed over me like a wave and made me realise how ready I am, finally.

Today is Tuesday and I’ve spent the day in my pj’s because I’m a hardcore student.

Speak to you soon,

Lols xx




2 thoughts on “Still pretending.

  1. Damon Mahoney says:

    Just found your Blog. Looks like you are settling in just fine, keep us posted on your progress and keep your nut down 😀👍🍸

    Auntie Al + Uncle Damon

    PS trying to subscribe or follow the blog buts it’s not having it. Technology is the 💣

    Liked by 1 person

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