My first week

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, and friends and family have always encouraged me to, but, I’ve never thought I’ve had anything particularly interesting to talk about. BUT! This week I moved to London, the big smoke, to start my first year in university and thought that a little blog would be fun to document my adventures and to let friends and family know what I’m getting up to!


So this is a little corner of my room. I’m really pleased with how it’s come out and I do feel at home here. I’m living with my best friend, Lily, which is a massive positive and I’m sure we’re going to have an amazing time together over the next couple of months until I come home next.

Before I left Cardiff I was so lucky to have such amazing people around me on a daily basis and have had amazing support from them and my family over what has been a hard four years to say the least, but I’ll get into that another time! Leaving them was so hard and before leaving I worried so much that I would move on or they would carry on living their lives as normal and forget me in a sense. They’re all so supportive of me starting a new chapter and I’m sure the previous statement isn’t true but it’s a huge worry that I had and continue to have. Anyway, like I said I’ve been surrounded by such amazing people that it honestly felt like my birthday with the amount of cards and presents I received before leaving, so much so that my two bestest friends Shelley and Kyle actually bought me a cake! (And a photo frame of the two of them that you can see there on my bedside table!).

So on Sunday I made sure I had everything I needed from Cardiff and started my journey to the big city. My train was at 1:15pm and I got to the flat about quarter past five. I was so excited to see Lil and to unpack everything that I just emptied everything onto my bed and all over my floor (which I later regret because it took five ever to put away!). I had a lovely first night in, myself and Lily ordered an Indian and where later joined by her boyfriend, Radu. We ended up playing what became a very competitive game of Monopoly and then retired to bed after a long day of travelling.

Monday was a home day for me, I popped out to sign up at the local GP and to Aldi to do my first weekly shop to get the essentials like meat, milk, chips, veg and so on and it only came to £14!! I was thrilled (the true life of a uni student or just sad, you choose). Of course, because I haven’t quite mastered the art of grocery packing and distributing the weight over a few bags rather than two, my bag broke on the walk home! London 1, Lauren 0. Finally got home and unpacked and felt a great sense of achievement, like an “I can do this you know!” sort of feeling, I’m actually doing quite well at pretending to be an adult.

Tuesday was BOILING! 32 degrees, and myself and Holly, a lovely lady who will be on my course this year, decided to make the most of it and wander around London. Terrible idea, it was way to hot, way too humid and no breeze. So we eventually gave up and went our separate ways and came home. Once I showered the stickiness off I decided to continue my antics of pretending how to adult and cook my first proper meal. Corned beef hash and beans. I know, I know, wild. Since I’m now semi pro at pretending to adult I ended my night in true adult style, in bed, with a cup of tea and some biscuits, watching last weeks XFactor. Again, I know, wild!

To make my room homely, before leaving Cardiff I printed a load of photos to hang from the fairy lights you can see above my bed. Turns out, they were too heavy and the tape wasn’t strong enough to hold them up, so I had to jump ship and think of a new way of displaying them. As you can see above my bed there’s a wooden hang up thing with a quote in it, bought for me by my darling Mother, otherwise known as Queen Jackie. Now I’m a stickler for motivational quotes, some say they’re cheesy, but the cheesier the better in my opinion. I was gifted a different hang up by one of my Aunties (or one of my Mums friends who I call Auntie, you know how it goes), that says ‘Live simply, dream big, give lots, be great, laugh lots’ which is something my friends and family all do and help me do in day to day life. So I hung that up on one of my walls and have stuck the photos around it which I think looks pretty cool. (See below)


I’m having my first visitor tonight, which I’m very excited about. My surrogate sister as I like to call her, Layla is making her first (of many trips I’m sure) to stay with me for a couple of days. I’m so excited!

I am going to try and write weekly to keep you all updated, but don’t hold me to that haha! I hope anyone who has taken the time to read this has enjoyed and I’ll write again soon I’m sure. Freshers is next week so I’m sure you’re all itching to hear how that goes.

Speak to you soon,

Lols xx


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